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Digging through an old treasure box in my Grandparents basement I found my Great-Grandfather Wiliam Thomas Wilson's Motorcycle and Chauferrs Licenses




Death Certificates:
Death Certificate
William Andrew Wilson - My Mother's Father

Death Police Report
Report of Accidental Death of
William Thomas Wilson - my Great-Grandfather
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The Wilson Brothers and wives
Harold Wilson John Wilson Thomas Wilson Arthur Wilson Samuel Wilson William A Wilson Alfred Wilson
Vivian Hopkins Florence Beatty Cristina O'Reilly Grace Beatty Nellie Collis Dorothy Huebsch Helen Murphy

Fred and Peg Goertz
Wedding Photo 1955

Mom's Cousin Bob Wilson is the son of Alfred and Helen Wilson, and keeps the genealogy for the family. He lived in Washington D.C. for decades, and is now in New York State.

Where am I:
James Andrew Wilson (Northern Ireland)
William Thomas Wilson of New York, oldest brother of James Alexander Wilson of Northern Ireland.
William Andrew Wilson, Husband of Dorothy Heubsch of New Jersey
William and Dorothy Wilson

Margaret Louis Goertz (Wife of Frederick Charles Goertz) & Sister of June Dorothy Pottinger (Wife of Laurence Pottinger

Peggy and June Wilson
Donovan Khevron (fka Donald Eric) Goertz, Brother of Douglas Frederick Goertz

Douglas has two sons:
Benjamin Douglas
Coban Peter

Also looking for info on my Mother's Mother's Huesbsch Line.
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My Aunt (my mother's sister) June's husband Laurence's line of Pottinger
Laurence Pottinger (b.1927), son of Archibald Pottinger (1889-1984) and Selma Benson (1886-1946)
Archibald is the son of John Pottinger (1848-1937) and Joan W Morrison (1856-1951) of Nesting, Scotland

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