Khevron's European Vacation Page

Khevron (Don's) European Vacation Page

I took leave of 43 days, (April/May 1999) and used some at each end to shop in Anchorage and visit people, but about 4 weeks were spent in Europe. Well, we never hit the continent, but we hit Ireland and the United Kingdom, and I went to Denmark and Sweden.
Here are a few pictures, more to be posted later!

4-17-99 the longest I'd ever had the beard

This is me in Northern Ireland just before the first of 2 beard trims.

This was my 'Castle tour' and many castles were visited:

  • Trim Castle - near Dublin Trim Castle near Dublin - undergoing repairs

  • Dublin Castle -in Dublin

  • Castle Coole - Northern Ireland

  • Old Castle Archdale - Northern Ireland

  • Stirling Castle - Scotland

  • Edinburgh Castle - Scotland

  • Conwy Castle - Wales - The wind just picked up as the picture was taken...

    Conwy Castle, North Wales

  • Kenilworth Castle - England post-card aerial view of Kenilworth

  • Arundel Castle - England

  • Hastings Castle - England

  • Leeds Castle - England

  • Ribe Slotsbanke - Danmark

    Other cool places visited:

  • Tara - Ireland

  • New Grange - Ireland

  • Ulster American History Park, Omagh, N.I.

  • History Park - Ulster N. Ireland Norman Motte and Bailey fort, me as the sentinal! -Ulster History Park

  • Belfast, N.I.

  • Cambridge University town

  • The Orchard, in Grantchester

  • London

    Here's me at the Sherlock Holmes museum.
    An asian lady and I couldn't speak to each other verbally, but we exchanged camera's for mutual pic's the the sherlock bust.

  • Ribe - Denmark

  • Roskilde - Denmark

  • Copenhagen - Denmark

  • Malmo, Sweden

  • SCA - Double-wars in Sweden

  • Seattle, Washington.

    Met dozens of lost relatives in Northern Ireland (Mother's side - Wilson). Well, it's debatable as to who exactly was "lost"...

    Me and 8 year old Laura Finley, my 5th cousin.>
This is my 5th cousin Laura and me by the family farm.<P><BR>
Okay, here's the photo-tour.  I've scanned in selections from my capacious photo-albums, so, click here:<BR>
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