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Living in Alaska!

We call Fairbanks, Alaska home, though all our stuff is in storage and we're traveling the Continent just now (Winter, 2012-2013). See our travel page and blog to keep up!
We're visiting anyone who'll have us, so see where we are and contact us!

I used to live in Kotzebue, AK:

That's the whole place folks... 30 miles North of the Arctic Circle near the Bering Straits in Bush Alaska. No roads to/from Kotz. Several Airlines fly people and supplies in and out on a daily basis. 24 hr daylight for 37 days starting June 2, and similar darkness in December. Latitude 66 degrees 54 minutes North. Population about 3,000. Surrounded by the Kotzebue Sound, which is ice 9 months of the year.
I worked here from 1997 to 2012.

Where on Earth is Kotzebue, Alaska?

Two Goertz Generations, December, 2012
Two Goertz Generations, December, 2012
Donovan, Lareena, Peggy (Mom) Cindy and Douglas

Coban was married in August, 2011 to Valerie Swiney
Coban and Valerie Goertz

Coban and Valerie Goertz Wedding

Fred, Don and Peg Goertz

Squirrel Terrorist Mom and Dad were having trouble with Terrorist Squirrels in their yard. One actually ate the little flag posted in one of the potted plants.
Pic by Khevron

The whole Goertz clan, expect me behind my stupid camera. October, 1997
The Clan, October, 1997

My brother and his lovely wife.
Doug & Cindy

My brother at work.
Doug more recently- caught working

Caricature of my Mom Caricature of my Mom

Bro messing with Dad Doug and Dad

this is my weird 2nd nephew, his face froze like this.
Cobey 1997

Cindy, Doug, Ben, Uncle Larry and Aunt June.
This is a rare picture of Doug and our Aunt and Uncle together. July, 2000.

An incident on Christmas, 1982 on the way to Connecticut
Our 1979 Chevy Van Burned Christmas Day, 1982 Chevy Beauville Van overheated on the Garden State Parkway and it was miles before we got to the Exxon island to let it cool off. It didn't.
No injuries, and we rented a station wagon and kept going.
Hey, it had 193,000 miles on it!

I (recently in 1999) found we had dozens of relatives on the other side of the pond!
These are cousins on my Mom's side of the family - Wilson:

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