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I went to visit County Tyrone blindly, hoping to find a headstone or two in the churchyard of a long lost family member, and maybe a story or two about them... nope, found a whole batch of terrific new relatives!! Well... new to me. They knew they were there...

BTW, the scenery is very nice, reminds me of Eastern Pennsylvania's rolling hills and farmland. You can catch glimpses in the background of some of the pictures...

Map of Northen Ireland

Newtownsaville is pronounced "NEWt'n-SAV'l"
Newtownsaville is between Omagh and Fivemiletown about where the 'A5' is along the A5 highway.

My third cousin Jack and his wife Anna Wilson

My third cousins, Jack and his sisters Enid and Rebeccca

the turnoff from the highway on the way in to meet family

Downtown Newtownsaville, County Tyrone

Downtown Newtownsaville, from a book published in 1989

Jack and Anna Wilson's house

the old Wilson home

the old Wilson home, looking east toward the Bell's property

Road up from the old Wilson homestead

The old Newtownsaville schoolhouse

My hosts, Jean and Wilfred Bell

My first Guiness (center)

The band at the British Legion Hall dance

Four days were spent with my new-found family. They treated us like visiting royalty! I hope I can do the same for them someday soon!

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