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Master Khevron

Hopefully Humorous Cartoons Heraldic
Created August, XLI (2006)
June 25, A.S. LIX (2024) at 492 Comics!
Additions will happen as they happen. Usually in groups of 2 every other weekend.

"Heraldrydiculous" by Khevron

"Heraldrydiculous and Heraldic Proceedings" Facebook Page

to Tumbler

Heraldrydiculous by Khevron now on TUMBLR
Fun things happen on TUMBLR! Starting January, LII (2018) and still going!

The Newsletter Archives of Oertha

A project
New additions October, November & December, 2021; and February, 2022!
Guardian, Chronicle, Gatekeeper, Scroll, Dragons Tale, Sounding and More!

Do you have a box full of old newsletters? Don't throw them out! Let me borrow them!
Do you have Electronic newsletters? Let me archive them here!!! E-mail them my way.

Khevron's First Rule:

In you think "Everybody Knows", whether it's an event announcement, what to bring to feast, Traditions in the group, the truth is...


"They" really don't know. Maybe they're not paying attention, or forgot, or they're new.
PLEASE re-post your copy, info or update to the e-list, Facebook, and/or other communications means, frequently (though not TOO much). Conversations and Likes help bring Facebook posts to attention.
People have other lives, interests and diversions, and may not see the ONE announcement, or check the web-site, or Facebook, or e-mail, frequently enough to see the info.

Further Rules":

"Don't Be Hasty" - Shop, wait a month, still have to have it?

"Have 2-3 plans to fall back on- even if they're vague."

"Take things in stages"

"Priorities. Real Life, THEN SCA."

Here's a Free (pdf) Book!
New Edition! (Updated 2/29/24)
Through the start of the reign of Hans and Elena!

The Oerthan Royal History and Heraldic Colouring Boke

183 pages on pdf!

(Large file - always working on some detailes - tell me if it isn't 'complete'.)
First published in 1999.
by Khevron

Here's another free book! (Smaller, only 24 pages)

History of Winter's Gate

First published 2/24/2024.
by Khevron

A book from our friend Sarre on Amazon:

The The Scadian Knowne World, A.S. 50: Volume 1 and 2 (Territorial Coloring Books of the SCA)


Cafepress.com shops:

Khevron's Heraldrydiculous Cafe' Press Shop
Heraldrydiculous, SCA, West Kingdom, Oertha and Household & High Resolution Officer Badges!
We can put your arms or other design on a custom shirt or mug!
Plus fun stuff for all. More added often!

Third Avenue Kotzebue
My Alaska etc Cafe' Press Shop

Alaska Town & Village Airport Three-Letter Acronym (TLA)'s, quotes and more (non-SCA). Custom TLA's and other fun stuff!
Please forward to your friends.

Herald at-Large

Khevron's Heraldry Service

-Still Totally FREE!!- So, you would like to develop an SCA name, device or badge?

I have a HUGE collection of clipart and can customize charges and arms. If you need anything (whether you're from Oertha, West Kingdom or anywhere), just ask. I'm happy to help.

Another Freebee:
Heraldry Examples Booklet

Great to give folk new to heraldry!

Or, a demi-sun vert
The West Kingdom Roll of Arms
As of May, LIX (2024) 3,061 entries!

Tell me if you're from, received awards in, and/or have moved into the West Kingdom, and I'll add you!

Project started at the end of February, XXXVIII (2004)

Fieldless, a compass star elongated to base quarterly azure and argent.

The Oerthan Armorial and Order of Precedence
Updated June, LIX (2024)

The Oertha Populace Badge:
Fieldless, a compass star elongated to base quarterly azure and argent.
This populace badge can be displayed by any Oerthan, and place against any background.

Groups of the Knowne World Roll of Arms
19 Kingdoms full of Branch Armory!
Started January, XXXIX (2005) with William Castille. Not working at present.

Khevron's Winter's Gate Mini-Roll of Arms
Arms of Current and Former Residents of the Barony of Winter's Gate.

...and the Fairbanks/Northern Alaska SCA Branch I hail from:
The Barony of Winter's Gate

Heraldic Toast

A lesson in field divisions
Created May, XXXIX (2004)
Embroidered Toast by Katla
Most of my designs can be rendered into embroidery!
Just ask and we'll give you a quote!

Heraldry Decision AS XLIII
Heraldry is Everywhere!

Tim Tams
Tim Tams! Now available at your local grocer! - well, Maybe Target, Safeway and sometimes Kroger.
by Pepperidge Farms
OR Amazon

OR About-Australia Imports

Khevron - "Tim Tam DiSaronno Slam Imaginary Herald"

Random examples of Heraldry Photographed in Ireland and the United Kingdom

from my June, 2008 Vacation photos. Arms and charges, etc...

Visit my "Castles" or General photo albums as well!
Write me for more photos of any particular interest (specific castle, standing stones, etc - we took 20,000 photos!

Khevron's YouTube Channel

Lots of Videos - Fairbanks & Kotzebue Alaska, Travel, SCA and more!

Corel Clip-art

CorelDraw!8 clip-art sample

Corel Clip-art
Here is a guide to Corel Version 8 Heraldic Clip-art. I can sent you any files you want in any file type.

Use them for examples or starting points for your own device!

28 Page sheaf of art from 1992. (pdf)

BG1992 Clip-art

Clip-art animated charges from 1992

Unknown artist - if you know who drew these, let me know.
CAVEAT: Not all are correct - check with an experienced herald.
Some are partial, to cut and link with other parts to make different positions.

Use them for examples or starting points for your own device!

The History of the Kingdom of The West
Branch Histories

A project I illustrated


Branch Name Help
How to Research and Register a Name and Device for an SCA Branch Group.
A new project! Do you have something to add? A Branch name story to tell? Documentation to show?
E-mail me!! Tx. Started May, XLIII (2008) with Everyone.
I Need YOUR Input!

Wearable Heraldry
Updated December, A.S. LIII (2018)
Some ideas for garb using heraldic themes.
Send me photos of Heraldic Garb you've done - inspire others!

Here, Hot for Words Marina Orlov explains Russian name forms:

...since female Russian tennis players often have 'ova' at the end of their Surname, and males don't.

Per pale vert and sable semy of caltrops, a talbot passant argent Badge: Per pale vert and sable, a talbot passant and a bordure invected argent

To Khevron's Tagline Collection

Link Exchange:

Heraldic Creations Custom Heraldic Products

HGZD Hrvatsko grboslovno i zastavoslovno društvo Croatia

Heraldic Creations Custom items with your heraldry


International Heraldry & Heralds - Web Resources

These projects would not exist without:
Armorial Gold Heraldry Clipart
Armorial Gold Heraldry Clipart

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