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Greetings from Khevron, "at Large" Herald!

I have collected a large amount visual heraldic resources (books, web- sites, clipart and heralds) to help YOU develop heraldic arms for yourself.

*** Remember that ANYONE, SCA member or NOT, with an Award of Arms or NOT, may (and is encouraged to) register a device with the SCA College of Arms. There is only a subtle distinction heraldically speaking between people with an Award of Arms (AA) and those who haven't yet received them. The latter may register a "device", which will suddenly become your "Coat of Arms" once you've been brought up in court to receive your AA. It always adds a special bit of pageantry to court when the recipient of an Award of Arms (or other award) has already registered their device, for on those occasions the herald will read out the blazon (description) of the Arms, rather than saying "consult with the heralds to develop suitable and unique Arms". Alas, this line has been heard so much that few know they could (and should!) have already registered a device!

Choosing a device can be a time-consuming process. One must balance one's own sense of artistic taste and knowledge of heraldic art, with period style and the precedents and rules of the College of Heralds as well as choosing something which does not conflict with anyone else's device/arms in the SCA (and some modern/historical arms). Since this can be a long process, the work should begin immediately!

The Service I'm offering:
In addition to your local Herald(s), be they official branch officers or 'at- large', I am available (via phone or e-mail, some events) to discuss ideas on what kinds of things you would like in your device/arms. Heraldry is an art form with plenty of possible designs. Once you've contacted me with your ideas, I will draw them up as best I can, and post them on my web- site (publicly or not, as pleases you) for your approval and other herald's consultations.

I am also willing to help you with your research on a name to register with your arms.

I am also willing to fill out the official College of Heralds forms with the appropriate herald-ese and artwork for your submission-- once you've found a design you like and I can't find any conflicts/other reasons it wouldn't pass.

Corel Clip-art

CorelDraw!8 clip-art sample

Corel Clip-art

Ermine Tails to choose from:
Ermine Tails

For inspiration, visit heraldry information site links below.

Think 'Simple'. ;-)

In Service of the Dream & Oerthan Heraldic Display!
-Mastyer Khevron

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