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See The Oertha Armorial for Principality Order of Precedence.

Heraldry of Winter's Gate

Kingdom of The West

Or, a crown dancetty of three voided within a laurel wreath vert.

Kingdom of The West

Or, a crown dancetty of three voided vert within a wreath of roses proper.

West Kingdom Populace Badge

Or and demi-sun vert.

Principality of Oertha
(Prince & Princess)

Azure, a wolf sejant, head erect, between in chief two compass stars and on a base argent, a laurel wreath azure.

Oerthan Populace Badge

Fieldless, a compass star elongated to base quarterly azure and argent.

Barony of Winter's Gate

Per fess indented sable, estoily argent and argent in base a laurel wreath sable.

College of St. Boniface

Gules, in saltire a quill pen argent and a sword proper, surmounted by an open book and in base a laurel wreath argent.

Canton Bjarnarstrond

Gules, in saltire a quill pen argent and a sword proper, surmounted by an open book and in base a laurel wreath argent.

(former) Canton Ynys Taltraeth

Argent, a sea-dog rampant and in canton a laurel wreath purpure.

Khevron II
Baron of Winter's Gate

Per pale vert and sable, semy of caltrops a talbot passant argent.

Baroness of Winter's Gate

Argent, a bat-winged amphisbaena vert, a base engrailed barry engrailed azure and argent.
Winter's Gate Populace Badge

Per fess indented sable and argent an estoile counterchanged.

Badge for Standard

Per fess indented sable, estoilly argent, and argent.

Badge for the Order of the Gilded Lily

Sable, a lily blossom Or.
Badge for the Order of the Estoile

Sable, an estoile voided and a bordure argent.

Heraldry of Winter's Gate

Anne FitzRichard

Per chevron inverted azure and argent, a cat couchant argent and three roses proper.

Bragi Flokason

Per bend embattled purpure and argent crusily couped azure, on a flame argent a heart gules.

Bran Sparrowhawk

Vert, a bend sable fimbriated argent, overall a talbot rampant contourny maintaining a mug Or.

Cempestrae of Winter's Gate

Per pale sable and vert, a tree blasted and eradicated, on a chief argent three ravens rising sable.

Conall Ó Coiligh

Azure, issuant from a fess wavy argent, a demi-sun Or.

Elena verch Rhys

Purpure, on a pale between two enfields combattant argent three pomegranates gules slipped and leaved vert.

Fearghus mac Gyllfynnan

Gules, a bend and in sinister canton a Maltese cross argent.

Fionnghuala inghean Raghnaill

Argent crusilly fitchy, a tower purpure.

Flóki inn írski

Or, in pale a raven displayed purpure and a helmet affronty vert.

Gisla Ǫðikollr

Argent, in pale a domestic cat sejant vert and an anvil sable.

Griffin Garret

Quarterly gules and sable, in bend 2 griffins Or.

Hallbiǫrn Erlændr

Per chevron vert crusilly Or and Or.

Hans Shaffer

Per chevron throughout sable and vert, two ravens respectant
and a three headed dog rampant contourny argent.

Iriniia Myshkinova

Per bend embattled plumetty Or and purpure and argent, in base a peacock's feather bendwise azure.

James of Acre

Vert, two winged mastiffs combattant argent and a chief ermine.

James of Winter's Gate

Azure, an open book bendwise and in chief two crescents pendant argent.

Katla Auðardóttir

Per chevron ploye sable and gules, two musimons combatant
and a Norse sun-cross argent.

Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

Per pale vert and sable, semy of caltrops a talbot passant argent.

Lucius Cassius Maris

Argent fretty sable, a trident head and a bordure vert.

Magdalina Georg'eva Oshitkovna Ochakovicha

Per fess vert and azure, a mermaid in her vanity argent tailed Or between in chief two flamingos statant respectant argent.

Margery Garret

Per fess embattled sable mullety argent and gules, in base a bee argent marked sable.

Mathias Sicco von Hagen

Per pall inverted vert, azure, and sable, a pall inverted and in dexter chief a unicorn salient argent, winged Or.

Merewyn of Ynys Taltraeth

Argent, a bat-winged amphisbaena vert, a base engrailed barry engrailed azure and argent.

Morgana yr Oerfa
(Baroness Winter's Gate)

Per saltire gules and sable, in pale two mullets and in fess a decrescent and an increscent argent.

Niell Mac Nyven

Per pale purpure and argent, a polypus counterchanged.

Richard Dean

Per chevron inverted Or and azure, an eagle sable, in base two drakkars Or.

Rutger van Dieveren

Per chevron purpure and azure, a chevron rompu between two goats combatant and a goat passant contourny argent.

Seanan the Beleaguered

Purpure, two natural seahorses erect respectant argent
and a point pointed ermine.

Further Populace without Registered Armory

Aefre Flodmere Alex of Winter’s Gate Arngrim of the North  Aurelia daCanal Calliope of Winter's Gate Chris of Pavlok Gorod  Conal Colquahoun Ellisif í Reykiarvik  Hakim al-Basim ibn Rashid  Kate of Bjarnarstrond Kaye of Winter's Gate Madog Drfrys Melinda of Winter’s Gate Nataliia Tomasovna Patrick Willoughby  Rónán of Winter's Gate  Shana of Winter’s Gate Talorc Caer Arienrhold  Tomas of Winter’s Gate Valka of Bjarnarstrond William the Archer

Heraldry of Winter's Gate - In Households


Per saltire azure and sable, a fret within and conjoined to a mascle argent.

House de Montfort

Azure semy of cinquefoils Or. As Augmentation as a Pillar of the West:
On a canton vert, a crown dancetty of three points, voided Or.

House Shadowood

Per pale and per chevron sable and argent, in sinister chief in pale three ermine spots, and issuant from base a blasted tree counterchanged.

Zachary Keep Abbey

Argent, on a pale vert between two paw prints sable a tower Or.

Heraldry of Winter's Gate - In Memory

Alicianne de Montfort of Sprucewood

Or, a fir tree couped proper between in fess two mullets of four points elongated palewise azure.

Berengaria de Montfort de Carcassonne

Azure, three snowflakes in bend within a double tressure Or.

John St. Andrew

Vair, a griffin segreant gules, a chief argent.

Mixial Medvedev iz Kieva

Per fess azure and argent, a European Brown Bear [Ursus horribulus Europus]
statant erect proper, grasping in its dexter forepaw a sword argent, hilted sable.

Violet Tailyeour

Purpure, a sea-goat and on a chief argent a thistle between two cinquefoils purpure.

Further In Memory Populace without Registered Armory

Sirena del Cienaga Congelado 

Heraldry of Winter's Gate People who have lived in the Barony

Áine inghean Culain

Vert, a serpent nowed and on a chief argent three roses sable.

Amalric de Montfort

Azure, five mullets of four points in annulo Or within a bordure dovetailed ermine.

Anna Zen

Per chevron azure and purpure, a chevron between 2 bears sejant respectant Or and a peach tree couped argent fructed Or.

Annora de Montfort of Shadowood

Per saltire vert and argent, in saltire four dragonflies displayed, heads outwards, counterchanged.

Ateno of Annun Ridge

Argent, a bend sinister cotised gules between a domestic cat rampant to sinister and a wolf's head erased sable.

Bartram Sinclair

Per pale sable and argent, a chevron inverted between a rose and two ravens close addorsed counterchanged.

Bianca Rose Byrne

Or, two chevronels gules between three ravens sable, a bordure embattled gules.

Blaxio Zen

Sable, a pall voided Or between a peach tree argent fructed and two wyverns sejant respectant Or.

Brigit de Montfort

Vert, on a bend sinister between a balance and a cinquefoil Or, a frog courant to sinister vert.

Caitríona inghean ui Chionaodha (aka Amber)

Per fess azure and vert, on a fess wavy argent, a feather reversed sable.

Cera inigena Corbbi

Azure estoilly, a wolf's head erased argent.

Ceara inghean Alcan

Azure, in chief a narwhal naiant argent, a bordure argent estoilly azure.

Culann Mac Cianain

Sable, a fess checky azure and argent between four boars passant contourny argent.

Danpira Snowsong of Skyhaven

Per saltire argent and gules, on a lozenge counterchanged a leopard's face jessant-de-lys Or.

Duncan ap Llewellyn

Per pall gules, sable and argent, in base two demi-wolves courant addorsed counterchanged.

Edmund de Montfort of Highkeep

Per bend sinister azure and gules, a bear's paw print Or and a tower argent.

Emelisse de Loupey

Vert, two ivy leaves and on a pale argent a bumblebee sable marked Or.

Eleanor of Ynys Taltraeth

Per pale argent and vert, a serpent nowed and a chief dovetailed counterchanged.

Eoin MacLaren

Per saltire ermine and purpure, an equal-armed Celtic cross flory Or.

Étaín O'Rowarke

Per pale vert and argent, on a chess rook a shamrock counterchanged.

Fathir von Trier (Rodrigo)

Argent, a chevron purpure between two crosses formy and a reremouse sable.

Grimr af Vargeyjum

Or, a celtic cross formy throughout sable, a bordure sable platy.

Gwyneth Rhiannon of the Sea

Argent, on a cartouche purpure a dragonfly argent.

Havoc atte Ree

Azure, two hawks respectant and a double-bitted axe inverted within a bordure dovetailed argent.

Hirsch von Henford

Per pale Or and vert, two stag's heads erased respectant counterchanged.

Ii Saburou Katsumori (aka Godric)

Argent, a Japanese well frame crosswise between four crescents in cross horns inwards conjoined gules.

Irone of the Blue Star

Sable, a python displayed Or, winged argent, issuant from the head a plume, in chief a mullet of seven points Or, voided azure.

Kareina Talvi Tytär

Azure, vetû, a long-haired domestic cat dormant argent.

Karl von Montfort

Vert ermined, three piles in point argent each charged with a mug reversed sable.

Kolskeggr ungi

Or, a salmon embowed gules and a base wavy barry wavy vert and argent.

Katriona Gwen Fergus

Vert, on a saltire gules fimbriated argent a garden rosebud bendwise sinister argent, slipped and leaved vert, all within a bordure argent.

Kenric Maur

Per chevron argent and Or, a chevron ployé gules between two ravens addorsed reguardant and a Thor's hammer sable.

Larentius VonSilenen

Sable, a saltire irradiated Or.

Lilla æt Sceaphylle

Argent, on a lozenge quarterly azure and vert a rose argent.

Makedonii Dmitrii Aleksievich Kolchin
(aka Dmitrii de Montfort)

Per pale argent and gules, five ducks naiant to sinister in annulo counterchanged.

Meleri Gyfford

Azure, a coney salient argent and on a chief Or three golpes.

Michael, Younger of An Alltan

Per bend azure and argent, a cross moline gules, overall a claymore bendwise proper, in chief a label throughout counterchanged.

Nathan Hartman

Quarterly sable and azure, a cross parted and fretted argent.

Rachael d'Amour

Per pale and per saltire argent and sable, six hearts in annulo counterchanged.

Robert Cornelius MacGregor

Gules, a cross of Jerusalem, on a chief embattled argent three crosses of Jerusalem gules.

Roisin Corby

Per pale purpure and sable, on a sun Or a raven sable, in base a rose per pale argent and Or.

Sapphira the Navigator

Per pale azure and argent, a fig leaf counterchanged.

Sefa Hrafnsdóttir (aka Elisheva bint Sitt al-Sirr)

Sable, three roses in pale and a gore Or.

Senan Wray of Lymricke

Per saltire wavy argent and sable, two swans naiant contourny sable.

Sighni Ivarsdotter
(fka Giuliana di Benedetto Falconieri)
Per fess argent and paly gules and argent, a fess gules and in chief an estoille between two fleurs-de-lys gules.

Tama Katerina Evstokh'eva
(aka Tamitsa)

Argent, three chevronels braced azure, in chief a natural seahorse vert.

Taran Arnfast

Per fess sable and argent, two estoiles and an eagle's head erased counterchanged, a bordure azure.

Targan de Montfort of Crystal Caverns

Per fess Or and purpure, in chief two pairs of arrows in saltire sable and in base eight lozenges in annulo, points to center, Or.

Úlfhildr Sverradóttir

Argent, a saltire azure surmounted by a ram's head cabossed sable, a bordure azure platy.

Wolf Federweiss

Or, a bar gemel enhanced gules between a quill fesswise reversed and three gouttes azure.

Further Past Populace without Registered Armory

Aelfwynn de Montfort of Tweoneam Andrew the Pious  Angus MacFarland  Barbara de la Cara Roja  Benjamin of Winter's Gate  Brigit de Montfort  Caitlin Erin (Caitlin de Montfort ) Caitlin of the Snows (Elisa) Caitlyn Leigh Byrnes  Constance of Appleby  Corin Thunderfist the Wanderer Daithi ua Conri  Darl Caenegan Dio Aristar Edmund de Montfort of Highkeep Elizabeth Aernflaed of the Far North  Evan op Randgrith Fanchion Mountaintamer of Skyehaven Gabriel de Montfort  Élise le Chantelois  Godfrey ap Caradoc Gregory de Montfort  Helena Ochastka Ivan Kraktiv Janet of Winter's Gate Jeanne Charise de Montcorbier Johannes von der Pfalz John St. Andre Katrina de Montfort  Katriona Gwen Fergus  Lazerina de Montfort van Halen Logray de Montfort  Lyrran McAllister of Kyntyrr Merric Rostenburg Miles de Brooks  Misha Zalesnik Mordric of Northumbria Niell Mac Nyven  Oriana de Culmstock  Phillipe du Moorgth Rhea Louveciennes Robert ap Robert  Sham Leila de Montfort Swein the Well-Scarred  Sibylla of Winter's Gate (GenevieveBeauvais) Tanji de Mounteloup Taura McArthur Blackwell  Teleri Grwydryn  Theresa Angelica  Tucken Ashford  Tynan of Winter's Gate 
Names drawn from Gatekeepers and Officers of Winter's Gate, St Boniface, Ynys Taltraeth and Bjarnarstrond lists.
If I've misses anyone, please let me know.

Seems we start 'em, train them, and they go forth and make good!

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