Cover of the May Gatekeeper

From Their Highnesses

Princess' Tea
We would enjoy sharing company with you on May 10th, 4pm, at the residence of Viscount Sir Kylson and Viscountess Anne. Bring a project you are working on and a dainty for the table. There will be a large assortment of Teas to chose from, so come enjoy the afternoon with us! There will also be instruction on corsets by Her Excellency Baroness Sorcha. If you are interested in this, please contact her by farspeaker (563-8873). We look forward to sharing company with you.
Address: 7325 Madelynne Drive farspeaker (338-4692) if you need instructions to get there.
Prince's Whim, for Coronet
In honor of Their Majesties, Cybi and Victoria, who each bear daggers handmade by His Highness Astrin, he requests a "Daggers in any mode" contest, for Summer Coronet. Entrants to be displayed on a Table at Coronet so that all may see the wonders of Oertha! For more information, please contact us at our farspeaker (338-6526) Ever in Service to the Principality of Oertha, Viresse' and Astrin, Princess and Prince of Oertha.
-Viresse' and Astrin
[Their Highnesses are rumored to be planning to attend Captaincy this month]

Pearl Creek Elementary Demo Report

Thank you to everyone who could make the Pearl Creek school demo on April 10! Taran, Briana, Random, Ronan, Logan, Justin, Patrick and April were able to share the Middle Ages with a group of enthusiastic elementary pupils and their teachers.
We held the demo outdoors, since the weather was sunny and warm. We discussed clothing and armor, then took questions from the kids. They made some interesting observations. One girl asked if armor was always noisy.
The fighting was greatly appreciated. We introduced the fighters beforehand, so the kids cheered their favorites by name. Chatelaine Briana, Logan and Justin demonstrated a medieval dance, with April doing her best to keep up.
As usual, the "free shots" were a hit with the kids (pun intended.) Huzzah to everyone who could make it! The teachers and kids both had a great time. Also, we appreciate everyone who wanted to make it but had things like jobs and classes during that time. Mundane life goes on, like it or not.
-April MacMorn

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