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being the Wanderings of Gwernin Kyuarwyd, by G.R. Grove (Guernen Cimarguid)

Copyright 1996 by G.R. Grove all rights reserved.
Permission for reprint given for this site only.

The following is a list of the Chapters available here:

Part I Caerllion (Appeared in February 1997 Gatekeeper)

Part II Caer Dydd (Appeared in March 1997 GK)

Part III Arberth (Appeared in April 1997 GK)

Part IV Dolaucothi (Appeared in May 1997 GK)

Part V Aber Dyfi (Appeared in June/July 1997 GK)

Part VI Harddlech (Appeared in August/September 1997 GK)

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For further wanderings, contact: Guernen Cimarguid (G.R. Grove)

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