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A Word From the Baroness

As you know from other articles in this Gatekeeper, Oertha has a changed face:
Earngyld is no longer a member of the family, as it were, and we have a Princess in her own right, won by right of arms. We wish Their Oerthan Highnesses Viresse, Astrin and Their daughter Lady Hawke a peaceful and fun-filled Reign.
Although not specifically discussed, I expect They shall visit Their Northernmost barony some time during the Reign.
Many of you were at coronet. And many of you spent many hours volunteering your time working in the kitchen, serving feast, helping people load and unload, and much more.
I add my thanks to those of the autocrat Margarita, the head cook Annora, head server Targan, and others that you helped, for that service. You have little idea how much smoother an event runs when a cadre of willing, cheerful, competent and unexpected workers appear, and you were that force this event. Well done!
We now look to the future: dance and fighter practices continue, and plans for the Collegium should be our priority. It promises to be a fun time for all who attend. On a personal level, names and devices can be worked on. As a herald, I encourage all to start working on this projects. And, of course, we expect our bid for Midsummer Coronet in July to be approved.
There's lots for everyone to do and learn.
I remain Your Servant,
Morgana, Baroness Winter's Gate

Meeting Notes 12/21/97

Spring Collegium in Winter's Gate is still organizing instructors. The Date is Saturday, March 29. We have the Copper Lane house on Campus, which provides several small rooms and two largish rooms for different classes. We also have the Hess Commons for classes and activities on Saturday, and room for dancing in the evening. Random (Dustin Grimes) is keeping track of teachers, contact him for information. [Info removed]. The Calendar from now until March 29, and from then until May 24 is mostly open for anyone who wishes to hold an event. An Autocrat is needed for Captaincy.
We have set the date for the Public "Historical Costume Ball/Contra Dance" to be held May 3, along with the University Contra-Dance Club. We have reserved the Wood Center Ballroom for the dance, as a thank you to the contra dancers for reserving Copper Lane House on our behalf for another day (each campus club is entitled to reserve it once each term). The next Ivory Thimble Tea is at Kareina's on February 21. The Next Baronial Meetings will be 2/6, 2/27 and 3/27--Collegium organization!

- Midwinter Coronet Reports -
A Newbie's First Oerthan Coronet

The clanking of armor, the voices of the heralds, and the colorful array of costumes blended together for an outstanding celebration. It was quite the show for my first coronet. Everyone seemed in high spirits as the Coronets of Oertha were passed on to the new Princess and Prince Consort. The food tickled the palette and the people warmed the heart. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Being my first coronet, I did not truly know what to expect. I understood that some people would bang around for a while until one of them had arisen to accept the Coronet, but I hadn't much of an idea beyond that what would happen. My first true impression of the event would have to be the bardic circle before the coronet, where a good 30+ people showed up to sing, talk, and tell stories. I felt a bit shy, not knowing most of the people, and I thought that if I did not watch myself I could get into some serious trouble; I did not want everyone's first impression of me to be unfavorable. Still, I sang along with everyone and enjoyed myself, learning some new songs and finally getting up the courage to sing one myself. All in all, it was a wonderful introduction to the Oerthan bardic.
The next day was full of excitement for all. After helping with set up we walked around and talked. The formality of Court was fun (though it does seem to drag a bit at times) the royal presence and the calling of the heralds peppered the atmosphere with a soothing and enjoyable sense of anachronism that transported the thrones to somewhere outside of Alaska and to the royal court of Oertha. I don't quite know how to explain it better than that.
The lists were great, but I fear I wasn't up to the cold weather, and left for inside after the fourth round. I DID make sure to watch the final battle of the final round from the balcony. When the final huzzahs for the winner of the tournament began, so did the true festival. Everything seemed to build to that, and a feeling of exhilaration remained with me until court the next day, when the investitures were finally made.
All totaled, I enjoyed my first coronet immensely, and wish I could make it to the next. I hope to have many more experiences like this in my future with the SCA, and especially in Winter's Gate. Logan

From the Chronicler

This midwinter Coronet in Eskalya was one of the most fun I've attended. The Bardic in the Canton was lots of fun. At the event, things were run well and the food was excellent. The schedule was adhered to in a predictably SCA fashion. There were contests, socialization and the company of many friends, and some terrific examples of fighting. The King and Queen as well as the Kingdom Seneschal and their entourage graced the Principality with their presence.
Rutger van Dieveren received his Award of Arms from the King.
Hawke received her Award of Arms,
Khevron received an Oerthan Order of Grace
Kareina received the Leaf of Merit from Their Highnesses Gregor and Alicianne.
Viscountess Alicianne received her Pelican, as did Fredericka Jean Grey, the Seneschale of Earngyld.
The most exciting occurrence was the gaining of our very first Princess in her own right, Viresse de Lighthaven. Her Prince Consort is Lord Astrin Straight Arrow. I'm told that only 2 other females have held a Crown or Coronet in Society. The passing of the Coronets went fairly smoothly, with some expected differences from the norm. These are some of the attendants of her Highnesses Court:
Viscountess Anne: Lady Chamberlain and "Shopping Buddy" Viscount Sir Kylson: Privy Counselor and "Philosopher Mentor" Lady Hawke: Personal Lady in Waiting
Many others were named to her court, including our own Aryana (Laurel Harduar) of Winter's Gate, a Lady of the Chamber
I thought I'd drop a few humorous quotes during the courts our outgoing Prince and Princess, and the new Princess and Prince Consort:
"I have a little thing..." Prince Gregor, unfortunately pausing there and drawing laughter from the populace, but referring to his small plastic "Dragon" that the fighters had to pet before the Coronet list Saturday.
Viresse, in fact dropped the lizard, and Gregor cried out "It's a sign", which it apparently turned out to be!
Quotes by her Highness Viresse:
"I like weapons!" grinning when presented the constable's spiked mace "Snowflake" by Viscount Morbran Two Tigers "The nuts are very important" when she was giving tokens of her esteem to all of the Great Officers of Oertha, (along with pen, paper and coins)
"The bells are very important, to keep things light" referring to the tokens to her ladies of the chamber
"Whoa" referring to her Captain's lightning filled pledge of service
"Nice Sword" when swearing fealty to their Majesties Cybi and Victoria
The new trend begun by the Prince Consort is to flip your hair with the left hand and flippantly say "shopping".
"Uphold the Doodles" from Bjarni Edwardsson mis-speaking 'Uphold the Duties of his office'.
Later the Peerage of Oertha held up scraps of paper with doodles and cried "uphold the Doodles" in unison after swearing fealty to the Coronet. The doodles were collected by Her Highness.
- Khevron

- News, etc. -

The Barony of Earngyld has officially seceded from the Principality of Oertha as of 12th Night (Jan. 4, 1997 A.S. XXXI) They are now part of the "Marches of the West", answering directly to the King. The Rotation for Principality Coronets will change, and our membership base is cut somewhat. We are currently at 81 without Earngyld, and are required to have 100 to maintain Principality status. We must meet this goal by April (Beltane). Upgrades from Family or Associate memberships are encouraged.
(Due to delays in paperwork, it is suggested that early March be a goal in submitting new memberships.)
Renewals must be attended to promptly as well.
The Kingdom Seneschal Duncan suggested the idea of asking if the Barony of the Far West (the Pacific Rim) and other Shires and Strongholds would like to be included among the numbers of Oertha. They have been asked and are considering. This is sensible in that many of the populace of the Far West are military, and would have a relatively easy time getting hops to Eskalya or Winter's Gate vs. flights to Central Kingdom. The then would be part of greater population as they would likely never reach principality status on their own due to transient population. They have 55 member at this time. We could also work together like sister cities, each Barony including a sister branch in Newsletters and activities. We must also consider the pros and cons of this idea. The rotation would likely have to include Japan, and anyone fighting for the coronets would have to attend coronet in Japan, or step down there, two or three coronets, depending on the rotation. This would be expensive and limit who may attend coronet lists. We would gain new points of view, as many of the populace are from all over the SCA world. Decisions are not expected to be made for up to a year or more.
Along with the adding of members to the populace, the addition of new lands is also encouraged. In fact, there are several members in Bethel, AK, and at least one in Kotzebue, AK, who if they add numbers, could gain Shire or Canton status.
Winter's Gate's numbers are at 23! While we're gaining by a couple of memberships known to be sent recently, we are losing Lady Bianca and Lady Caitlin to Eskalya.
While not lost to us, they will however, be missed.
Mistress Morgana had a surprise communiqué during Christmas. An early member of Winter's Gate, who was Captain of the Militia before he joined his Uncle, somehow tracked her down and wrote. Few details are known, but Altena of Annum Ridge sent greetings to the Baroness and anyone who might still remember him -- he remembers Winter's Gate fondly and now resides in Seahorse (wherever that is).
(This editor couldn't find any SCA branch called "Seahorse" -K) Bianca and Caitlin's St Valentine's Celebration Event on 2/15 that was only lightly dvertised has been canceled due to the autocrat's moving to Eskalya.

From Random

'ello all! Salutations and all that jazz. Hope you all had a good break. Just thought I'd email everybody about the web site I am writing for the college SCA club. Right now what I need, that is if you want to listed on it, is a quick paragraph about you that would be put on the "SCA People" section. If you have ever read the actor "Bio's" on a play handbill that's the idea. It's whatever you want--a quip, a few lines of poetry, your life story [small version of course]--persona or real life, whatever.
Small detail--maximum of 100-150 words... I am going to plan on having the page up and running by February 15....Bio's due February 1. If you have any questions or have an suggestion for the website [er say SCA links or costuming/armour/history/name history stuff] feel free to drop me a line at: [Info Removed] Thanks into you all later. -Random

From the Baronial Knight Marshal

Fighter practices are again under way on Saturday afternoons at the University Park Elementary School Gym. Several people are getting armor together. Please come out and show your support of our local fighters! Bring a project and visit!
Due to many participants and few sets of armor, I'd like to suggest that borrowers of armor get a few items to keep personally. They should come outfitted with hard leather boots, sweat pants and long sleeved shirt or similar, but also need to have their own cloth head-cover and athletic supporter & cup (That isn't an audience and a draft , though these aren't wholly bad ideas). Donations of Duct tape, string or buckles would not be out of order. -Khevron 490-xxxx anytime.

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