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Heraldrydiculous by Khevron

This blazon and emblazon was recently corrected (Jan, 2007 -Thanks Fleig!).
No, Shell and Chevron aren't merging. Not yet anyway. Again, marshalling families isn't allowed in SCA heraldry. Each individual earns his or her honors on their own.
Just attempting to blazon this device illustrates one of the reasons we in the SCA avoid it like the plague. (the Plague being one of the other things we avoid in the SCA).
But this does illustrate some of the heraldry that surrounds us in modern life. Shell and Chevron display nice, simple heraldry, though "Chevron" by the look may be more accurately named, "Chevron's inverted".

Face-off: The remark about my name is correct. Khevron, though it looks like the single letter change C to K would keep the pronounciation "KEV-Ron", is pronounced closer to
"KEV-rin", with a hebrew "CH" in the throat (like Chanukah or Bach*) and the 'o' not pronounced at all.
There's a valley called "Hebron", which the Israelis call "Khevron".

*If I kept it "Chevron", no-one would ever get my name right!**
**Except Duke Fabian.

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