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- - Michaelmas Feast Review - -

Michaelmas Feast in Winter's Gate was celebrated October 10 at Copper Lane House. Approximately 30 people attended.
Their Highnesses Richenza and Joseph Lee attended. Other visitors included Stellanordica Herald, Bjarni Edwardsson, Mistress Annora de Montfort, Thord Haroldsson, Helena of Winter's Gate, and Bette.
Magdalena Ochastka, the head cook, arrived at the site early to begin preparations for the feast. She was assisted in the kitchen by Amber Kenna, Mistress Annora, Conandil Glass, and Tristan. Arriving guests mingled in the great room, swapping stories and comparing handicrafts.
Her Excellency, Baroness Winter's Gate was not feeling well, but did attend the feast. Seated with her at high table were their Highnesses Richenza and Joseph Lee, Her Highness' squire Eoin McLaren, and Champion of St. Boniface Patrick MacMorn and his lady, Nataliia Tomasovna.
The feast was observed in the fashion of the Italians. A short primer on the customs to be observed was prepared by Helena of Winter's Gate. The tips included: don't lick your fingers, don't blow your nose on the tablecloth, share your trencher with your neighbor, and wipe your mouth before drinking.
The first course consisted of menestra d' herbette, romania, fungi di monte, torta hungaresca, orengat, and chireseye. Between the courses, a contest to provide entertainment for the assembled guests was held. The contestants included Bjarni Edwardsson, who regaled those assembled with a tale of Thor and the giants, Godric Logan, who brought news of the battle of Agincourt, Mistress Annora, who contributed a story from the Boccacio, and Nataliia, who sang a lovely ballad.
The second course consisted of hericot de mouton, de li sparaci, roast pork with feve frese en potaige, torta d'agli, torta de schalogne o de repolle, and nuceto. As a special treat, Conandil Glass made a desert made with rare ingredients imported from the Americas.
After the feast, the winners of the contests were announced. Lady Nataliia won the contest for the evenings entertainment. The Brewer's Guild held a contest for spiced or mulled wines which was won by Conandil Glass and Conn mac Airt. The Needleworkers Guild announced the winner of a contest which started during Fall Captaincy. An entry sent from Moroedd Oer by Khevron Tikhikovich won first prize, and will be included in a basket to be sent to the King and Queen.

- News -

Baroness Morgana is recovering from successful emergency surgery. See further information on page 6. Updates will follow in future publications. - - - Gyre the Silent of Selveirgard (Bill Schoppe) and his family lost their home and all their worldly goods on September 27. There were injuries but fortunately, no lives were lost. There is an account set up at NBA "Schoppe Family Fire Fund" for monetary donations, but other items may also be needed. Contact Lane Wickersham at 357-1309, or the Shire or Principality Seneschals.


Good Gentles of Winter's Gate, Recently our Baroness underwent exploratory surgery. Unfortunately, she does not have medical insurance. The Bill is now very high. There has been a account set up so she can pay these bills when they come in. People can go to any Key Bank and deposit it in the "Sharron Albert Donation Account". If your from out of state, let the teller know that it is an Alaska account. She is now at Lady Magda's abode where she is recuperating.
Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers,
Lady Conandil Glass
Seneschale of Winter's Gate

Be it known that Morgana will not be able to work full time for the next few months, so normal bills will be tight, apart from the clinic and doctor bills. If there is no Key Bank by you, you may send checks through Lady Conandil - see the officers list for address information.
Lord Khevron
Long Live the Iron Fist of the North!
...and happy Birthday, Baroness Winter' s Gate

Membership Report
A quick count from the July Seneschale's Report -Khevron
Winter's Gate: 15/2
St. Boniface: 3
Moroedd Oer: 6 (count now 8/1)
Eskalya: 59/9
Inbhir na Da' Abhann: 5
Selveirgard: 13/3
Grey Cliffs: 15
Oertha: 116 Total: 131
Key: Sustaining / Family or Associate memberships Numbers will likely have changed a bit since July. From 'The Guardian"

SCA Membership Roles - F.Y.I.
It's neat, sometimes to know what the count is sometimes... -Khevron
This isn't confidential at all I just got sent this information.
This is as of August 31, 1998.
AEthelmaerc: 728 sustaining, 368 associate/family, 1,096 total
Ansteorra: 1,047 sustaining, 462 a/f, 1,509 total
An Tir: 1,342 sust., 619 a/f, 1,961 total
Artemisia: 352 sust., 172 associate/family, 524 total
Atenveldt: 766 sust., 450 a/f, 1,216 total
Atlantia: 1,196 sust., 612 a/f, 1,808 total
Caid: 989 sust., 468 a/f, 1,457 total
Calontir: 704 sust., 359 a/f, 1,063 total
Drachenwald: 378 sust.(-most are foreign memberships); 93 a/f, 471 total
East: 1,812 sust., 811 a/f, 2,623 total
Meridies: 1,268 sust., 695 a/f, 1,963 total
Middle: 2,855 sust., 1,363 a/f, 4,218 total
SCA-wide Membership roles (Con't)
Outlands: 759 sust., 426 a/f, 1,185 total
Trimaris: 643 sust., 279 a/f, 922 total
West: 1,429 sust., 625 a/f, 2,054 total
SCA totals: 546 foreign, 14,720 sustaining, 7,802 associate/family,
Grand Total: 24,070
NOTE: Several kingdoms have a fair number of foreign memberships--West, Middle, and An Tir (and of course Drachenwald) most notably. I folded those in with sustaining memberships.
In service to fairly useless but interesting trivia,
Provided by "Elasait", from an SCA e-mail list source

End -- The Gatekeeper October, A.S. XXXIII (1998)

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