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Spring Captaincy Report

We had two glorious days for this Spring Captaincy event. Saturday was mostly sunny, with sporadic clouds cooling us off, and Sunday was completely sunny and slightly warmer. There were 36 Attendees, 26 of them members, signed in at Spring Captaincy at Chena Lake Recreational Area this May 24-25. We thank 13 visitors from Eskalya for making the trip, including Princess Viresse, Viscount Kylson, Viscountess Margarita, Viscount Gregor, Viscountess Alicianne, Lord Alfonso, Lord Francis, Lady Cassandra, Lord Alleyn, Lord William, Lady Deedra, Feris the Gentel and Liam McBain. Much fun was had by all. Kylson Skyfyre taught Dancing in the Afternoon and armor inspection, as well as authorizing Marshals. Fighting commenced in the late afternoon before feast. Sir Kylson, Patrick MacMorn and Deedra the Naughty marshaled the list, and Alicianne Heralded while Senan O'Wray, with the coaching of Cassandra, served as list-mistress. The Captaincy list included: Deborah, Feris the Gentel, Khevron, Ronan of Winter's Gate, Taran de Montfort and Thorbjorn Thorstagsson. Ronan succeeded Thorbjorn as Captain of the militia of Winter's Gate. Feast was delicious, and even though the cool wind took much of the heat from it, most of the dishes tasted very well cold. After the list, the fighters took to testing their skills against one-another.
In addition to the list fighters, Her Highness, Gregor and Francis were in attendance fighting. Unfortunately, while doing post-list pick-up fighting, the Princess' left thumb was broken and she had to go to the hospital, but she made the bardic in the late evening and was her energetic self again on Sunday. Everyone vacated quickly before the 10pm pavilion closing time, and retired to the home of Kareina, Khevron, Rutger and Taran for a bardic.
On Sunday, Alphonso taught some basics of fencing and the SCA West Kingdom status of same, to several people interested in the subject. People made good use of the canoes as well. During courts, The Baroness recognised Ronan as Captain of Winter's Gate, and he in turn circlet'd Lady Julien Becke as Heart of Winter's Gate. The out going Heart Deborah was admitted to the order of the Snowdrop. The Baroness presented the Order of the Estoille to Khevron, and Baroness' recognition's to Magda, Patrick and April for their good service. Khevron passes the office of Marshall to Ronan of Winter's Gate, and Kareina Talvi Tytär passed the office of Arts & Sciences to April MacMorn. The Warlord of Selviergard, Alphonso, made known the problem with the border of our two lands. The bridge at Hurricane Gulch being the border, however, the only parking lot is on the Winter's Gate side. This may come to a head in late summer. During the Princess' court, Patrick and April MacMorn received their AA's from the Princess, and her Highness bestowed favors (look for a small rose on a blue ribbon) upon many of the populace, singling out Deborah especially due her "Kindred Warrior's Spirit. Kareina heralded both courts.
A special thanks to Gavin and Briana for their work in fetching and returning the baronial naval vessels from and back to the College.
Our Baronial Signage paid off Sunday when a couple new to the local area and formerly of Atenveldt saw them on the highway and wandered in to make contact!


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