Cover of the August Gatekeeper

From Their Highnesses
Richenza and Joseph

Their Highness Richenza and Joseph, Princess and Prince of Oertha, send greetings unto Their Royal Majesties of the West, Their Highness of the Mists, Their Highness of Cynagua, Their Highness of Lochac, the populace of Oertha and all the the West.
On the nineteenth of July A.S. XXXIII Their Highness Georg and Katarzina did circlet Us, Richenza and Joseph, with the Coronets of Oertha hearby creating Oertha's first dynasty by succession.
We would like to express Our thanks to Their Majesties Hauoc and Etaine for Their warm regal presence at Summer Coronet. Thank you to all for your warm welcome as your new princess and prince. We look forward to visiting with all of Our populace in the months to come. A royal progess will be posted, it is subject to change. His Highness Joseph is sponsoring a contest for Winter Coronet.
Favors made by fighters for their consorts. Winter Coronet is in Grey Cliffs, so if you can not attend and still would like to enter, please send a picture or your favor with someone traveling for your area.
There is a Known World Academy of Rapier, being held this year November 6-8 in Portland, OR.. So any of our populace interested in furthering your skill and representing Oertha please contact Us for further information.
In service to Oertha,
Richenza and Joseph, Princess and Prince


Summer's End Feast Report
Moroedd Oer - August 1, XXXIII

Our second official event drew 15 participants. There was a mock-staff bridge battle, the winner being Conal after a long round robin and finals. Camerlyn won the sheep stealing contest by a wide margin.
The Feast was delicious, thanks to Lady Capella and Shana. There were Scotch Eggs, Enid's Great Game Pie, Sqwab (Game Hen), Braided Bread, Turnip & Pork Soup, and a new invention, Walrus Feet.
Autocrat: Lord Hafoc Rea

Other News

Winter Coronet is Scheduled to be held in the new Shire of Grey Cliffs (Kenai, AK) in January

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