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From the Baroness

Greetings Lords and Ladies:

Having traveled the wilds of Oertha to Earngyld last month, I bring you news of coronet . Lord Gregor Hawke once again won the tourney, defeating Gentle Ferris of Red Oaks in the finals, inspired by our very own Baroness Alicianne de Montfort of Sprucewood. The tourney was well fought, very chivalrous, and enjoyable to all. Chandra, Prince of Mists, was in attendance, and gave yours truly one of his hand-crafted boxes to carry my circlet in, which came as quite a surprise at Saturday morning court As usual, the hospitality of the hosting Earngylders was exemplary, and I would recommend visiting them to anyone.
Princess Alicianne has promised to visit Winter's Gate, probably Harvest Captaincy and Michaelmass. Prince Gregor's travel plans are more restricted, but he will also try. Her Highness is on her way to Purgatorio Coronation from Pennsic, and will be home in Oertha by early next week. We have events coming up fast: Harvest Captaincy is almost upon us. Make note of it on the calendar, check out the competitions (especially a name for Zeke), find that special recipe for the potluck feast, and plan to attend.
And plans will be starting for Michaelmass. Taran is requesting we find recipes from the Scandinavian lands, and should be holding his first meeting Real Soon Now. If you've ever been curious how a feast event was planned, join in the fun: they more the merrier.
Welcome back to everyone who has been gone for the summer. See you at Captaincy!

Meeting Notes from 7/25/96
Kareina is receiving the office of Arts & Sciences from Annora. Annora is temporarily taking the Seneschal position. We still, however have several Baronial officer positions to fill. Deputies for various offices are available: Herald, Arts, Constable, Chronicler, Chatelaine. Speak to the Seneschal about these positions, or the primary officer.
Three ideas for a public fighter practice site on Sunday were discussed. A decision should be made soon. Everyone is encouraged to come watch or participate in practices (in garb). If not for the entertainment, then pick up a marshalling staff, or field questions from passersby.

Some Principality offices are changing hands. Stellanordica Herald passed from Eoin McLaren to Bjarni Edwardsson. Bjarni passed the Chronicler (editor of the Guardian) office to Annora, and continues as Deputy Chronicler.

Meeting Notes 8/22/96
Anyone who would be available during school hours for doing School District Demos should think about organizing a flyer with what we have to offer for a demo.
There will be a Michaelmass recipe meeting at Taran's on Thursday 8/29 from 6 til 10ish. Bring any cookbooks that have Scandinavian recipes.
Dance practice will be at the Wood's Center, in the Multi-level Lounge starting September 11.

An Autocrat is still needed for Yule event on December 14. The autocrat would be responsible for choosing and arranging the site, getting event details pinned down, and sending copy to the newsletters. After that, the autocrat oversees the event, and makes any necessary executive decisions. Yule, as events go, is a relatively simple task to autocrat, and it generally runs itself. All you need to do is set it up. There are plenty in the populace who would be happy to advise and assist you in this effort, so please consider. It's a very rewarding experience.

Harvest Captaincy
September 1, 1995 (Sunday)

A new leader of the mighty military forces of Winter's Gate must be determined by armed combat!
Come to Harvest Captaincy and tourney for the privilege of winning the Heart's circlet for your Lady or Lord!
Time: Sunday 10am through evening, to be held at the Copper Lane House, UAF, Fairbanks Alaska
Site fee: $5.00 ea., $10.00 Family; Feast is Potluck, please bring the dish of your choosing enough for 6 or more adults.
11:00am: The Tourney to find the successor to Captain Alicianne de Montfort of Sprucewood, and Heart Makedonii Dmitrii Aleksievich Kolchin. Either the Lord or Lady must be a resident of Winter's Gate.
Ivory Thimble Tea, Pot Luck Dinner, Baronial Courts
Contests include: The attending populace will judge pot luck contributions for a prize. A "Personal Heraldry" contest is sponsored by the autocrat: Decorate integral parts of your garb or armor with your device (tabard, surcoat, gauntlets, belt, etc.). "101 things to do with a cloak" contest: Be creative like "Use for a shield against bread-crusts after a particularly bad joke."
Autocrat: Lord Khevronia de Montfort (Don Goertz) PO Box 81152, Fairbanks, AK 99708-1152 (907) 490-0013 before 11pm with questions.
Directions: Take your best route to Fairbanks, Alaska. Take Geist Road to the Fairbanks Street traffic light (at the US Post Office). Turn toward the University (left if from Parks Hwy. or right if from University Ave) and proceed up to the intersection of Tanana Drive. Turn right. Make a left at the Stop sign. Proceed up the hill on Chandalar Ave. Stay left and head up the steep hill and onto Copper Lane. End house on the Right. Watch for Black and White Baronial signs.


From the Arts & Sciences Officer

The following article is the first in a series from the incoming Arts & Sciences Officer for the Barony. It is only meant as an inspiration for people who want to complete their wardrobe, and is by no means complete. I am available at any time to help people with their projects weather it be with construction advice or hints as to where to look for supplies.

--Kareina Talvi Tytär

Footgear, or What do We Put on Our Feet?

Most of the people in the Barony have at least one partial costume. After all, by SCA rules everyone must wear "an attempt at pre-1600 clothing" when attending events. But what about our feet? Many people still chose to wear their modern sneakers, and hope that no one else notices. However, the correct foot-gear to match your garb does wonders to give your costume the "complete" look. So, where can you find the right shoes? SCA people have three options: (1) buy something modern which already looks period, (2) buy something modern which can be adapted to look period, or (3) make them from scratch.
(1) Modern shoes which will pass the twenty foot rule (from twenty feet away it looks period) include "china-flats" (for indoor events) and knee high leather boots without laces. Cowboy boots will do in a pinch, but the squarer-toed variety is more SCA-normal. The china flats can be purchased at a martial arts supply store (there are two in the Fairbanks phone book). Or go to a China Town when visiting Cities elsewhere which have them. The cotton-soled ones are more period, but the rubber-bottom ones are cheaper. Leather boots may be found in second hand stores if you are lucky.
(2) When looking for shoes which can be adapted to have a period look try "Indian moccasins". Cutting the "fringe" off of your typical moccasin will leave you a boot which looks reasonable with most costumes. Many varieties of leather slippers need very little change (if any) for indoor events (or even outdoor if you water-proof them first). I know several Vikings in An Tir who swear by a commercial brand of leather-with-sheepskin-lining boots called Uggs. Yet another option is sandals. Compare period illustrations of people wearing sandals to what is available today, and you will notice that many of our modern sandals can pass with little or no alteration.
(3) For those of us who are adventurous enough to make our own shoes, the possibilities are limitless (unless you count time and money as limits). There are many sources available to those of us making shoes. Tournaments Illuminated has had seven articles over the years on foot gear, two of which are recent enough to be in my collection (and are available to any who want to see them). The Known World Handbook has one shoe pattern. Perhaps the best non-SCA source for information on period footgear is Shoes and Pattens by Francis Grew and Margrethe de Neergaard it is part of the Museum of London's series on Medieval Finds From Excavations In London. It is published by Her Majesty's Stationary Office, (HMSO), 1988 and has an ISBN of 0 11 290443 2. The first place to start when making your own shoes is to decide what you want. If you already have a chosen time and location for your persona half of the battle is won. Simply look at the surviving illustrations from there/then and see what they have on their feet. Making indoor shoes can be as simple as taking some modern upholstery velvet and sewing slippers. (Period velvets were not as lush as modern velvets, and upholstery velvet is a closer approximation as well as being durable.)

Making boots requires first making a pattern. One easy way to do this is to take an old pair of socks you don't want any more and wrap your foot in duct tape while wearing them. You can then mark seam lines on the duct tape. By cutting the sock and duct tape off of your foot along the marked seam lines you obtain your pattern pieces. These pieces will tend to curl up on you, so I would advise tracing them onto paper (sturdy, like a brown paper bag) to make a more permanent pattern. (When cutting the leather for the boot remember to add seam allowance if you will overlap the pieces when you put them together.) There are many more construction techniques than I have room to address in this short overview, but it is my hope that my words will inspire you all to make or obtain footgear appropriate to your garb!

Book Review

Sometimes the best source of information or inspiration is the simplest. Check-out "Eyewitness Books" in the children's section at the bookstore. There are several worthy of SCAdian attention: "Arms & Armor", "Knight", "Castle", "Costume" & "Viking". The "Viking" book covers the whole of life during the Viking era, from clothes and jewelry, to weapons and longships. Much is directly from museums, and there are many photos of people dressed in authentic costume. Also of interest, though some are out of period are "Ancient Greece", "Ancient Rome", "Mummy", "Music" and many others. The text is on the easy side, but most accurate, but the photographs are terrific and numerous.
If you're interested in Heraldry, the prime source of information is "A Complete Guide to Heraldry" by A.C. Fox-Davies. Most SCA heraldry can be interpreted through referencing this book. It does, however, go beyond period limits, and may have some charges and designs that are deemed unacceptable for SCA use (Crucifix, for example). Talk to our Estoile Pursuivant Herald about submitting a device. Another "best Source" is the "Pic-Dic", available through the SCA. The Herald should have a copy. It has sample charges that are all acceptable for SCA use.


Coronet List in Earngyld: Seven fighters vied for the Coronets of Oertha. I'm told they were Francis Bull of Kent, Alicianne de Montfort of Sprucewood, Thomas Bloodworth, Sir Richenza von Hugh, Gregor Hawke, Martin Thursthammer and Ferris of Red Oaks. Gregor Hawke emerged victorious fighting for Alicianne, with Ferris becoming Lord Guardian and Princess's champion fighting for his lady.

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