Life and History of Baron Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov, O.P.

Me at Beltane Coronation in Central West

My Badge - Per pale vert and sable, a talbot passant and a bordure invected argent

Khevron's West Kingdom Wiki page

I've been in the SCA since 1990, but more active since 1992. I was introduced to the SCA by a lady in the
Barony of Settmour Swamp, Settmour Swamp Arms (Northern New Jersey), part of the East Kingdom East Kingdom Arms
in or around 1984. A few years went by before I really sought out the SCA as a hobby. After 2 moves, I started participating as a newbie
in the Barony of Darkwater , Darkwater Arms a central branch of the Kingdom of Trimaris (Orlando, FL)Trimaris Kingdom Arms

Most of my work and play has been done
in the Winter's Gate Arms Barony of Winter's Gate (Fairbanks, Alaska), in the Oerthan Arms Principality of Oertha, West Kingdom ArmsWest Kingdom

I protoge'd to Mistress Annora de Montfort of Shadowood in January A.S. XXXIII (1999) and was honored to receive my elevation to the "Order of the Pelican" from the hands of Their Majesties Fabian and Brynn on January 16, A.S. XXIV (2000) at Oerthan Midwinter Coronet. The Pelican is a Peerage for service, much like a Knighthood is a peerage for skill at arms.
My best friend Maisteri Kareina (site) made the garb I wore at the ceremony, as well as an embroidery in the form of a book-cover in the Bayeaux Tapestry style.

As a Pelican, I have or had two Protege's: Mistress Margery Garret, O.L, O.P.
Baron Stephen de la Bere, GoA, (formerly Protege of Mistress Piasa Dragonsaver. R.I.P.)
and am "Grand-pel" to Mistress Sefa Hrafnsdóttir (via Margery)
Uniquely, I am the Pelican of Aurelia de Montfort, though she's not my Protege'. Long-ish story.

I'm a member of the House de Montfort, which is a large, but somewhat dispersed- service-oriented- mostly West Kingdom household.
I'm also a founding member of Fell Hounds, a small Household in Winter's Gate.

Khevron Cistercian Cistercian

Over the years I've held a number of local officer positions, Baronial Marshal, Chronicler for just under 3 years in the late 1990s', and Web-Minister (several times) and Estoile Pursuivant Herald (several times).
I've been Principality Herald (Stellanordica) and Principality Submissions Herald (Wolfhound), as well as Principality Web-Minister.
I was the Founding Seneschal and Herald (since 9/97) of a Canton of Winter's Gate called Ynys Taltraeth (Innis Tal-Trayth) fka Moroedd Oer based in Kotzebue, AK. It (was) the Northernmost SCA branch in the Known World! until it petered out in 2008.

I'm a little into about everything SCA. Among them are heraldry, heavy weapons, heraldry, service, autocratting, heraldry, research, games, heraldry, dancing, a little embroidery, I've shot some arrows pretty well, banged out a few pieces of leather armour. I made a chain shirt like a lot of other cliche fighters. I sew!

Me sewing!
I merchant a table full of stuff at big events too! "Jack o' trades" I also like heraldry.
Me getting in my Armour Me in my Armour
I did get into armored combat for a number of years. Never got very good. My claims to glory was making 3rd round in Coronet lyst once, and slotting Prince Gregor Twice (He fought 2-stick in the late 1990's) Twice at a Captaincy Tournament. I was Champion of St. Boniface once as well!

I published the Oerthan Royal History and Heraldic Colouring Boke in November, XXXIV(1999). I'm constantly gathering information for an new expanded edition, which I hope to produce in a couple more years.
When I was made a Pelican by their Majesties, my best friend, Varakreivatar Kareina made me an amazing commemorative embroidery for the occasion. See it at: Kareina's Embroidery Page It's in the form of a 3 Ring Binder cover.

Being into Heraldry, I have a page called Khevron's Heraldry Page featuring Heraldrydiculous Comics, the 'Oertha Armorial and Order of Precedence' and 'Khevron's Heraldry Service'!
These promote personal heraldry and hopefully inspire people to register arms in the SCA.

In July, A.S. XXXVII (2002) at Oerthan Summer Coronet, I became Baron of Winter's Gate with Morgana yr Oerfa. I am the Second Baron of Winter's Gate. Morgana is both the first and second Baroness of Winter's Gate.
Morgana and Khevron at Beltane, May, XXXVIII (2003)
We stepped down May of 2005.

I provide Morgana with Directory Cover art every year or so (or less) - Collected here: Morgana's Directory of Oertha page.

I started the 3rd Kingdom Roll of Arms in the SCA, for the West Kingdom in 2004. It's still growing after well over 2700 arms displayed. This is after building the Baronial and Principality Armorials. The West Kingdom Roll of Arms.

The Heraldrydiculous Comics project was Created August, XLI (2006) and ran 2 every 2 weeks for many years til I achieved 300. After 2012, it appears when inspiration takes me. As of Mid-Summer 2019 it's at 345 comics!

Heraldrydiculous #213

June of 2019, I finally acquired my sixth Kingdom-level event for my collection. I'd attended 5 Kingdom events over the years, from October Crown in the 90's, Beltane Coronation in 2003, Twelfth Night in 2005, Purgatorio in Oertha 2009, March Crown in XLXVIII (2013). I never figured I'd be going to a June Crown, as it's WAY too hot in California. We cooked at March Crown! But then it came to Oertha, outside Central Kingdom for the first time, and it was a blast!
As for Wars, I've been to Pennsic 23 (1994), Doublewars in Drachenwald in 1999, and Estrella in 2013.

Project of late are... maintaining many of the projects above, mostly on-line. My big publishing project is the Oerthan Royal History and Heraldic Coloring Boke, which is in it's final editing process as of Summer of 2019. The previous Colouring Boke was getting too large, so this one will feature each Reign of Prince and Princess, as well as Baronial Histories and lists of Peers and major awards.

Oerthan Royal History and Heraldic Coloring Boke

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Per pale vert and sable all semy of caltrops, a talbot passant argent
Per pale vert and sable all semy of caltrops, a talbot passant argent.