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Stevens Village Community Improvement Corporation Stevens Village, Alaska

Arctic Chiropractic Kotzebue

Dinyee Corporation of Stevens Village, Alaska

Kotzebue Gun & Ammo

River Villages, Inc.

Third Avenue Kotzebue
T-shirts, Mugs, Clocks, Magnets for Kotzebue and all Alaska Bush Villages!

Khevron's Heraldrydiculous
SCA West, Oertha and Heraldry items.

Volunteer work:

KOTZ Radio in Kotzebue, Alaska

West Kingdom Roll of Arms (SCA Heraldry)

Barony of Winter's Gate (SCA)

Khevron's Heraldry Pages (SCA)
Featuring my own Web-Comic "Heraldrydiculous"!

Web-pages I've contributed to

City of Kotzebue

Kotzebue Police Department

Untraveled Road

Kingdom of The West Branch Heraldry

Territorial Arms of the Known World (SCA)

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Ravensara Productions

Bryan Hailey Photography

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