Khevron & Merewyn's (Don & Lareena) Wedding Information Page

Two leaves on the wind, blown hither and yon,
growing together, staying together for-ever.

Khevron & Lareena Goertz
Mr & Mrs Goertz

The Wedding went very well, and we thank everyone who attended or sent their good wishes.

We'll have photos up soon!

Lareena DeAnn Smith & Donovan Khevron Goertz are engaged to be married.
Khevron & Lareena
Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Goertz!

The Weddings will be in May and June, 2006.

It will be a nearly 5 week odyssey, starting in Kotzebue, Alaska on May 26, flying to Fairbanks, Alaska, then to Salt Lake City, Utah, then Washington D.C. and Dover, Delaware to visit as much family and friends as possible, and finishing up back in Fairbanks and returning to Kotzebue at the end of June.

Attendance is open- we're only sending out Wedding Announcements, not Invitations per se - but we'd like to know how many to plan for. Also, we don't know everyone's current address, so you can tell others that you know we know about the event.

I asked her to be my wife April 27, 2005 at "Jalapenos" Restaurant in Fairbanks. We've known one-another since she found me on ICQ ("I-Seek-You" on-line Messenger service) on June 20, 1999.

One Ceremony will be in Fairbanks, Alaska, May 27 at an SCA event - Captaincy. The second will be on June 3 at Lareena's Sister Lynette's House in Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Cunning Plan" details to follow.

Bridal Shower is in Kotzebue on Saturday May 6 at 5:30pm Teacher Housing #7.
Hosted by Sue West

Part the First: Fairbanks Wedding

May 27, 2006 4:30pm, Pioneer Park (fka Alaskaland) Pavilion off Peger Road

We'll be arriving from Kotzebue the Friday evening before the Saturday wedding, so prep-time will be limited. (had to wait until school was out)

Wedding party:
Officiant: Grimr af Vargeyjum (Steve Becker)

  • Maid of Honor: Barbara de la Cara Roja (Barbara Rusher).
  • Bridesmaid: Shauna Storey
  • Best Man: Havoc atte Ree (James Rea)
  • Groomsman: Rutger van Dievren (Ron Wilkes)
  • Flower Girl: Genevieve Griffin
  • Ringbearer: Galen Griffin
    Photographer & Videographers: Gwyneth, Bjarni, Fathir, more...

    This is an SCA event, so an effort to dress is period garb is appreciated (but don't let that keep you away). Loaner garb is available. Some aspects may have a "Lord of the Rings" theme to them.

    Some information on the SCA event and wedding will be here: Captaincy Event Page.

    Part the Second: Salt Lake City Wedding

    June 3, 2006 at 3pm
    2754 South Blair Street
    Salt Lake City, UT 84115

    Wedding party:

  • Maid of Honor: Lynette Smith.
  • Best Man: Gilbert Breitenstein
  • Flower Girls: Jalaire Smith, Katelynn Smith, Kaela Smith
  • Ringbearer is Jaime Smith
  • Bridesmaids: Tiara Smith, Larissa Smith, Heidi Smith, Laurel Smith

    The theme will be Renaissance - dress is informal/casual (nice, but no tuxedos or suits/ties necessary).
    Dinner is outdoor and pot-luck. Cold-serve food would be preferred. We plan to have a small Grill on site. Groom and Bride will provide some meats and, of course, wedding cake!

    Gift Registry
    We're 'registering' on-line with and building a list of choices.
    (Go to Find a friend's Registry, Enter one of our names "Khevron Goertz" or "Lareena Smith".)
    The Password is: UTAH

    We're fairly established in our home, so we don't need kitchen toys or such.
    We'd like to make it easier for everyone and suggest gift certificates - we can use restaurant and shopping G.C.'s on our honeymoon trip or on-line once home, since we live so remote from main-stream-shopping. Also we'd rather not carry large gifts with us around the country.

    You can also find our normal wish lists on in addition to MyRegistry under the following e-mails.
    deseradi(at) (#2)

    If you 'know' what we'd like, feel free to ignore the lists.
    Of course, the best gift is seeing you at our wedding!


    Our Fairbanks address is (For end of May through June): Donovan Goertz and Lareena Smith
    607 Old Steese Hwy Suite B353
    Fairbanks AK 99701
    (This is a mailbox service, so it'll be a good address for all purposes)

    Our contact address for Utah until June 6
    (Same as where the wedding will take place):
    C/O Lynette Smith
    2754 South Blair Street
    Salt Lake City, UT 84115

    Or our residence the rest of the year:
    Donovan Goertz
    Kotzebue, AK 99752-0891
    Kotzebue, AK 99752-1358

    Part the Third: Honeymoon

    After the SLC wedding and some visiting, we'll be headed East to visit my family in Dover, Delaware, and touring around the East Coast. We have an ambitious plan to hit a lot of places, and we hope to meet up with some friends along the way, explore things familiar and new over a couple of weeks.


    Special Thanks to: Ruth Roper, Charles Galway, Grant and Shirley Smith and the wedding party members for helping set-up and make it all happen.

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    Updated August 21, 2006