The Society for Creative Anachronism

Baronial Arms

(Anachronism: n. Anything out of its proper historical time)

The SCA is a historical re-creation group which focuses on the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. To facilitate our study of history we engage in the arts, crafts, and chivalry of the period. Depending upon personal interest, our members study any aspect of daily life from the fall of the Roman Empire to the end of the Renaissance. Typical activities include (but are by no means limited to): costuming, dancing, needle-work, cooking, feasting, brewing, combat, armor-making and heavy weapons combat, jewelry making, leather work, heraldry, singing, and storytelling.

It all started as a backyard farewell party in 1966. The people who attended that party came in costumes of Medieval Nobles, had a feast and a tournament of honor using wooden swords. They desired to re-create the Chivalry of the legends of King Arthur and his Knights. Within a year their parties expanded in scope and became a non-profit educational group. While weekend "Revels" and "Tournaments" are still a principal gathering and meeting point for SCA members, much of the research and study of actual history and crafts goes on during the week(s) between events.

The SCA Inc. has spread all over the globe. There are branches all across the US, Canada, Australia, and even Europe, Africa and the Orient. Just as other clubs divide into "regions" the SCA is divided into 17 Kingdoms, each with a King and Queen. Alaska is part of the Kingdom of the West, which comprises Northern California, Alaska, Australia, and the Orient. Our King and Queen are chosen three times a year (in March, June, and October) by right of arms. A large tournament is held, and all fighters who wish to do so gather to fight for the honor of the one who inspires them (and whom they wish to make Queen or King). Ladies and Lords may both fight, and Crown Tournament is not entered to make yourself King, but to make your Lady Queen (or vice versa).

The West Kingdom is divided into several Principalities. The state of Alaska is the Principality of Oertha, and our Prince and Princess are chosen in July and January each year by right of arms. The local sub-branches of a Principality are Baronies, Cantons, Colleges and Shires. A Barony has a territorial Baron and/or Baroness who presides over the area in the name of the Crown. They 'rule' for an indefinate period of time, usually 2-5 years. Fairbanks and Northern Alaska is the Barony of Winter's Gate and has Baron Khevron and Baroness Morgana. The Kotzebue group is part of Winter's Gate and is the Canton Ynys Taltraeth.

Although everyone in the SCA is assumed to be nobility, actual titles are granted by the crown, and are "earned". The lowest ranking of SCA titles is Lord or Lady, and is called an "Award of Arms". Barons and Baronesses are the next level. The three orders of Peerage are next: the Knights (or the order of Chivalry), the Laurels (the artisans of exceptional skill), and the Pelicans (the ones who give of themselves in service). Knights are addressed as "Sir" while the Laurels and Pelicans are called "Master" or "Mistress". Persons whom have served as a Prince or Princess become a Viscount or Viscountess when they step down. Former Kings and Queens become Counts and Countesses. Anyone who has been King or Queen twice becomes a Duke or a Duchess. If you don't know someone's title (or they haven't one) simply address them as m'lord or m'lady (small "l") and you will not give offense for using an incorrect title.

New people interested in the SCA are asked to wear an attempt at pre-1600 costume when attending the events, but the weekly meetings or practices (for dance, sewing, fighting, etc.) are frequently in modern dress. Most people in the SCA choose a name for themselves which is different from their modern one. We have a College of Heralds which will register names and coats of arms to people, after first checking to be sure that it does not "conflict" (is too similar to) with someone else's name or arms. When choosing a name for yourself, you need to pick one which could have existed in the Middle Ages, but you cannot use the actual name of a real historical person. (i.e. you cannot be Richard the Lionhearted or Mary Tudor, but you could be Fred the Lionhearted or Mary Seymour) The SCA has been active in Kotzebue since 1997.

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