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The Lair of the Beholder

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General Rules Changes

In my group(s), we've played 2nd edition AD&D, which is mostly a good set of rules, but, as many others have done, I have a few modifications.

Character attribute: Alertness (ALT)
I previous DM had made up this extra attribute called "Alertness". I adopted it and expanded it's use making use of the NWP system (below). Alertness replaces Dexterity in the non-physical ways (i.e. reaction adjustment). Alertness is good for rolls for noticing details that are amiss, or sleeping while on watch duty. What does your DEX have to do with noticing something is creeping up behind you? More is explained on the
Alertness details Page Under Construction

Character attribute: Comeliness (COM)
Ok, So I'm an adoptive DM. I make use (albeit light) of the comeliness as described in "Unearthed Arcanatm" tome. It's not an important atribute, but folks like to know.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies

I did not like the "Non-Weapon Proficiency" rules in 2nd edition, although rules for NWP's were sorely needed. In my opinion, the proficiencies characters attain (in the currect rules) are too absolute or specialized. Once a proficiency is gained, the character is expert in that activity, versus having no knowledge the level before. My rules give several levels of knowledge.
Non-Weapon Proficiencies Page

Spell Rules

Casting:: A fellow DM and I didn't like the way Magic User spells were done in AD&D, but didn't want to depart from the format of the game entirely, so we made up new spell rules, where a mage can cast any spell in his "learned" repertoire, but to varying level of success. Then we had lots of fun developing miscast results. Hey, fighters can roll a "Black 1" and hit a friend, why not a mage?
Spell Rules Page Spell Mis-Cast Results Tables - Really fun twists!

Buying Spells:: Another helpful item for the DM is my Spell Costs Table, which approaches the buying and selling of Mage and Cleric Services with a formulaic system. It's based on the experience of the caster (along with risk and components), so if you take up the time of an Arch-mage or High Priest, you'll pay a lot more for that cure wound spell than if you found an acolyte... 'course, their chance to remove curse would be better... .. and therefore worth more!
Spell Costs Page


Gadzooks, there's a lot of monsters to choose from. But just in case your players know all the ones in the books.

Creatures Page
Under Construction


At this point, Treasure has gotten way out of hand. But, over the years I've made up a few new things to drop into an unsuspecting game. Even some artifacts! (EVIL GRIN)

Treasure Page
Under Construction

Characters & Races

Under Construction

Other Stuff

Under Construction

Rule Preferences
Under Construction
Rules Preferences Page

My co-DM in Kotz
James, my co-DM

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