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Society for Creative Anachronism

The Court of Baron Khevron and Baroness Morgana
Having begun July 20, A.S. XXXVII (2002)

The Circleting of Khevron
Khevron being made Baron or Winter's gate with Morgana
by King Jade and Queen Megan

The following gentles are the Baronial Retinue
Margery Garret

Lords and Ladies in Waiting
Rutger van Dieveran
Magda Oshastka
Amber Kenna

Grimr af Vargejum - Court Bard

The Retinue Favor
Each of the Retinue can be recognized as they will be wearing this favor, designed by the Baron, on their person. It has the Estoile Pilgrim badge, and is otherwise comprised of leather strips in the combination of Khevron and Morgana's Colors. They share Sable and Argent between them with the barony, plus Khevron's Vert and Morgana's Gules.

This is the first official retinue of the Barony. Before, there were individuals who assisted the Baron and/or Baroness on their own. This new more formal retinue are considered to be the eyes and ears of the Baron and Baroness. With this retinue, we hope to bring more theater to the courts, and keep in better communication with the people of the Barony. If there are any concerns, suggestions or praise for anyone in the Barony, or the Baron or Baroness themselves, you may speak of it to these people and they will speak with us. Of course, you may call or write us directly as well.

It is the wish of the Baron and Baroness to foster all the arts and sciences of the ages represented in the SCA. The barony has grown well with artisans as well as martial arts in recent years, and we hope this continues. While we are a small group among the baronies of the West, our fierce independent spirit will make an impact upon the Kingdom, and the people of the Barony of Winter's Gate will be well known for their good works.

-Baron Khevron e-mail:

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