Missives from Their Majesties and the Seneschale of the West
Dated 11-03-04

Their Majesties Jade and Eliana, King and Queen of the West, and Mistress Theiadora Groves West Kingdom Seneschal, Send Greetings Unto Khevron and Morgana, Baron and Baroness of Winters Gate,

We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude for the service you have provided our Kingdom and our People during your term as Baron and Baroness. We know the many hours, and many tasks you have completed in your reign, and wish you to know they are noticed and appreciated.

With sadness, We write this day to provide guidelines to be used so We may know the preferences of your populace in the selection of your successors. We note that you began your transition by announcing your intention to step down at the Harvest Captaincy Event. We ask that you also arrange to have this missive immediately published in your Baronial Newsletter and on any other forums read by your Populace.

1. November 20th [Extended to 11/30]: Letters of Intent for the Position of Baron and Baroness of Winters Gate are due to the Crown, and the Kingdom Seneschal.

2. December 11th: Letters of Intent that have been accepted by the Crown, Their Excellencies of Winters Gate and the Kingdom Seneschal are published in the Baronial Newsletter and on any other forums read by your Populace.

3. December 15th: Polling letters are sent to Populace.

4. January 20th: Polling responses are due back to the Kingdom Seneschal.

5. January 27th: Results posted. Discussions begin between Their Excellencies and Their Heirs on which event the change over will happen in March or April, hopefully decision made to make Page Deadline of February 1st for Publication in March Page.

Guidelines for candidacy and participation in the polling are explained in the below missive from the Kingdom Seneschal. We look forward to a wonderful Investiture.

Jade Eliana

- - - -

Greetings from the Kingdom Seneschal to Khevron and Morgana, Baron and Baroness of Winters Gate and the Populace Barony of Winters Gate

Guidelines for Participation as a Baronial Candidate:

A) Baronial candidates must be current paid members over the age of 18.

B) All candidates must have Letters of Intent in the hands of the Crown and the Kingdom Seneschal no later than November 20th. Letters should be written with the understanding that (if accepted by the Crown), the letters will be published in the Baronial Newsletter and on any other forums read by your Populace for the populace to review prior to the polling. Letters not received by both the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal will not be considered.

C) Candidates must have a current membership address in the Barony of Winters Gate zip codes must include the below information in their Letter of Intent.

a. Their full contact information, including membership numbers and expiration date.

b. Their reasons for seeking the position.

c. Their history of participation in the SCA.

d. Their plans for the future of the group.

e. Their understanding of the responsibilities of the position of Baron and Baroness.

f. A statement that they are willing to be installed with a two year warrant in the position.

Contact information:

Their Majesties Jade and Eliana, King and Queen of the West
Attn: Liane Kennedy
142 E Santa Clara St #H
San Jose, CA 95113

Mistress Theiadora Groves, Kingdom Seneschal
Heather English
7551 Alexander Street
Gilroy, CA 95020


A polling of the current paid members of the Barony of Winters Gate will be conducted by mail to determine their support of candidates for Baron and Baroness.

To submit a Ballot on the polling you can send back the polling letter you received with your selection clearly marked.

For those wishing to send in their ballot by email to seneschal(at)westkingdom.org your email MUST contain the following.

a) Subject line must say Winters Gate Polling.
b) Your SCA and Modern name, and full membership address.
c) Your candidate preference.

In Service,
Mistress Theiadora Groves
Kingdom Seneschal

* Change (at) to @ for e-mail addresses (anti-spam measure)

Per fess indented sable estoilly argent, 
and argent, in base a laurel wreath sable

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