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Kareina drove for the first few days while I got used to the left-side driving and the road rules. Wasn't too hard, just a little harrowing the first right-turn crossing traffic.

The "Shot Tower" is where they made 19th Century musket-balls by dripping the molten lead through holes at the top of the tower, which held their shape while cooling before hitting the bottom of the tower, 359 steps below. Yes we climbed bottom to top!

We ran across a very strange "Junk Museum" which held all sorts of odd items and relics from ages gone by. Looked like the combination of an antique store and barn auction, but nothing was for sale.

One thing I've never seen is a mermaid with kids!
These were outside the house next to the museum.

These arches are eroded and undermined by the ocean and formed over thousands of years. Pretty neat walking on tree'd land over water!

I was short of battery power for my digital camera, so I only took a few photos here at our furthest point South at Hasting Caves. We were on the final tour of the day, so we missed the visitor center and store. Our guide gave good explanations, given my partner has a masters degree in geology.

For more technical information on the caves go
to this Hastings Caves Page

While Hastings, Tasmania was as far South as I'll likely ever get in my lifetime, and only the southern tip of Argentina and the continent of Antarctica are further south, it's not all that far south comparatively. At 43 degrees South Latitude, it's even with New York and Rome it's North Latitude equivilent. But it has the cleanest air in the world and a cool, not cold, climate.

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