Khevron's Australia Vacation

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There are around 150 photos here, chosen from among the 1200 I took with my digital camera.

Briefly, I left home in Kotzebue, Alaska, stopped for 2 days in Los Angeles, flew the 14.5 hours to Sydney, bounced to Hobart, Tasmania. Toured Tasmania for 12 days, returned to Sydney, visited sites there for 4 days, returned for another 2 days in Los Angeles, and returned to Kotzebue.
It was good to have a layover in Los Angeles either end, both for prep/recovery from the trans-pacific flights, and to ensure I'd make connecting flights. Everything went as planned, so I made the most of it!

Getting there


SCA in the Barony of Ynys Fawr

South Excursion

Port Arthur

Animal Park


Blue Mtns & the Coast



Australia is a huge and wonderful place, and you'll see very little of it with only a few weeks. I'll have to go back for 6 months. Of 12 days in Tasmania, I barely scratched the surface, and discovered there is so much more, so leave lots of time for Tas!
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