Khevron's Australia Vacation

The Bonorong Wildlife Park

This was at the entrance:

Actually, this park is really nice and informative. It's very informal, as zoo's go. The Kangaroos and wallaby's just wander freely on the grounds, along with some of the birds. Then there are specific areas or pens for other creatures.
You get a bag of feed for the animals you come across. Not the devils though!

Wombats are soo cute.

Tasmanian Devils - Scary mostly for their sounds, but they do bite.

The Blue-Tongued Skink

Cape Barren Goose


Kangaroos and Wallaby's

They had a couple of eagles that had broken wings.

The Emu

The Emu's tended to peck, so I just showed it the open paper sack of feed and it helped itself pecking it's beak into the bag.

...and of course, the Koala

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