The Branch History of the West Kingdom Colouring Boke

Finally, all in one place!

The Branch History of the West Kingdom Colouring Boke is available through myself, or in Central West at Heralds Meetings and major events through Baroness Eilis O'Bourne.

A Sample page:

Actual book images are much clearer than can be displayed here.

It covers the current Branches of the West Kingdom, 4 per page in Alphabetical order, plus current and former Principalities, and includes a short glossary for helping with Heraldic emblazons for coloring.

The book is accurate as of May, A.S. XXXVIII (2003).
There are 23 pages and guides to each of the Principalities and the Marches.

Cost is $5.00 each.

See me at Winter's Gate Captaincy or Oerthan Coronet. If you're in Winter's Gate, please contact Baroness Morgana, who has a small supply.**

For Color key, or to check your coloring, visit: the West Kingdom History Page Index of Branches.

Send me comments, questions or orders to my e-mail (on the heraldry page).


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