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AD&D Rules Interpretation & Clarification

AD&D Rules Interpretation & Clarification

D.G. 8/93, 1/97

Ability Scores:

For Most Races:
Roll three sets of 4d6 in ability order, taking the three high numbers, and add a 1 if the fourth die is a 1.
Abilities: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Alertness, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, Comeliness
If an ability comes up a 19, it will be an 18 plus a roll of a d00 + 10%. This allows an ability to exceed 18, though rarely.
Ability scores are improved through training, aging, magic, or using NWP Options.
Training during or between adventures adds 1d30 to % of any ability studied per level or quarter year of study.
Aging is usually detrimental to physical, but augments intellectual traits.
NWP Options: Two abilities per class can be improved on as follows (1 per level):
Magic Users: Int, Dex
Priest: Wis, Cha
Fighter: Str, Con
Thief: Dex, Alt
Psi/Monk: Wis, Con
Multiclass: All of each class
These (2) abilities begin with a d00% and are by "spending" a Non-Weapon Proficiency (which adds 3d20). Once 101% is reached, ability score bumps up to next number.


Choices are as follows if character meets class ability minimums (as per PH2 and other tomes):
Fighter, Ranger, Paladin (Aligns: LG, LN, N, CN, CG), Archer(III), Archer-Ranger(III), Cleric, Druid, Thief, Bard, Bard(2nd Ed.), Bard(III), Magic-User, Specialist Wizard, Witch, Jester, Psionicist, Monk(III) . III=Best of Dragon III Demi-Humans may Multi-Class or Dual-Class, and Humans may Dual-Class.

Races available (dependent upon Place/Plane of origin):
The first character played in a new game will be Human.
The following is a list of Player Character Races recommended:
Human, Elf (High, Gray, Dark, Sylvan), Hill Dwarf, Mountain Dwarf, Duergar (Gray Dwarf), Half-Ogre, Half-Orc.

Character Races not heartily recommended, but available nonetheless:
Aarakocra, Alaghi, Beastman, Centaur, Chaos-Dwarf-Boar Centaur, Driderspawn, Elf-Winged, Giant-kin: Firbolg, Giant-kin, Voadkyn (Wood Giant), Ogre, Ogre-Mage, Orc, Pixie, Surial-Finhead, Wemic, Half-Dragon/Elf (Gold, Silver, Bronze), Half-Troll.
Races Available but not recommended at all:
Bugbear, Fremlin, Gnoll, Gnoll, Flind, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Kobold, Lizard Man, Minotaur, Mongrelman, Satyr, Saurial-Bladeback, Flyer, Hornhead, Troll
Not Available in T'Lierea: Bullywug, Gnome, Half-elf, Halfling, Swanmay.
All Player Characters begin with their first Hit Die at maximum Hit Points (4, 6, 8, 10) + CON bonus (where applicable).
Racial and Aging adjustments made after initiating character (Rolls assumed to be 'Young Adult').
Racial Restrictions per (DG) racial maximum table, alterable by greater majiks and ability scores.
Demi-humans and humanoids may also bypass racial restrictions by using Dual-class rules.
Characters begin with one language. Further languages are gained through NWP skills. This applies to Demi-humans and Humanoids also.
Saving Throw Tables per Dragon#80 article "5% Principle" (on DM Screen)


To Hit tables per Dragon #80 Article on DM Screen.
Armour Range from Leather(9) to Plate Mail(3)
Bucklers, Medium Shields, and Large Body Shields
will parry (-1 to A.C.) 1, 2, or 3 Blows (resp.) in one round.
Shield applies to "non-handed" flank and front only.
Weapon may parry with initiative (without weapon modifier, and losing any attacks), but must save vs. crushing blow or be damaged or broken. AC is better by base of 3.
Warrior's increase again by Level. (4=+4, 8= +5)
Dexterity applies to all defenses but rear and prone (or sleeping...)
Rear is base AC with no Dex Adj. or Shield.
Fighters including multi-class fighters may use single specialization per simplified version on DM Screen
Fighters alone may specialize in more than one weapon.
Initiative on d10, plus weapon speed or casting times, subtracting for initiative skills or item specific initiative modifiers.
Weapons per Players Handbook 2nd edition plus others on approval.
Natural "20" or "Black 1" effects per DM Screen Table. (Multiple of damage)+(STR & MAGIK mods)

Hit Points:

Each Level of hit point progression will be tracked on Character sheet with modifiers.
If Constitution is lost, all previously gained bonus hit points are lost also.
Constitution bonus' applied to all levels.
Rules for damage resulting in a total below 1:
0 to -3: Allows action after healing. (Semi-conscious state-INC)
-4 to -9: requires rest or a "Heal" spell per rule book. (UNC)
-10: Death has occurred. Reincarnation, Raise Dead, Wish, or Resurrection is required to continue. (UGH);
Healing or other medical attention within 3 rounds brings up to UNC or INC.
The spell "Wish" or raising by a Deity does not cause CON loss.
No physical actions allowed at 0 or less, unless character has sufficient "Discipline" NWP.
50 hit points damage from one blow requires System Shock roll or death occurs
Falling Damage is 1d8 per 10' of the fall. Save vs. Petrification adjusted for Dex bonus' and "Jump/Fall" NWP for Half Damage.
Acid and frost, as well as specific (broken bones/lost limbs) damage are subject to interpretation, and normal healing or healing spells may not work normally. i.e. Acidic destruction of a finger or skin area is permanent, healing merely returned hit point totals, not the affected area. Acid healing spells, items or potions can repair damage if applied in a timely manner.
Spell Casting:

Magic-Users may Specialize if abilities allow per 2nd edition rules.
Mages must use the revised spell casting rules, explained on another sheet.
Spell Memorization/Recovery:
Rest Required: 1 hour / highest spell level memorized.
Memorization: 10 minutes per spell level cumulative.
M.U. Scrolls spells may be copied by Diviner Specialist Mages or Scribe NPC class
1st-5th level - Pray 1 hour per spell level and sleep 6-8 Hrs.
6th-10th - Pray 1/2 hour per spell level and sleep 5-7 hours.
11th + - Pray 15 min. per level and sleep 4-6 hours.
Gain spells upon waking.
No-one can sleep over 10 hours in one day without magical or chemical help.
Deities have individual lists or preferences for spells.
Any Worshippers may reap benefits from prayer and sacrifice to their chosen Deity.

Thief Skills:

Progress as in PH2, decide at start of character of specializing or taking average thieving abilities.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies:

Per DM List. Each PC receives one General skill per level, and one Class Specific per level for each class. Can gain a maximum of 3 of the same skill unless noted.

Economics: 1gp=2ep=10sp=100cp 5gp=1pp Coins vary in size, Wgt, and encumbrance by type.


Deeds and Monsters killed or dealt with peaceably. plus 1/4 G.P.
Characters killed & raised gain part share plus 100x.p./level.

Play Areas:

Prime Material Plane(DG)
T'Lierean Crystal Sphere on planet named Aerth:
Continent of T'Lierea 1234TR, 1625TR, 1869TR or other time.
No Gnomes, Halflings, Half-Elves, or Valley Elves exist as natives.
Elves and Centaurs have Ultra-vision (night Vision) 60' range
and gain +1 with Bow only.
Winged Elves have 120' Ultra-vision.
Dark Elves and Driderspawn have 120' Infra-vision
Half-Orcs, Dwarves, CDBCentaurs and Half-Ogres possess 60' Infra-vision.
Forgotten Realms (just before or after "Time of Troubles") Year 325 or 1 (326)
City of Waterdeep, Ruins of Undermountain and periphery
Other planes accessible: Elemental Mat., Melnibone', Greyhawk, Mat. Abyss...

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