The Original Cover in 1999

The Oerthan Royal History and Heraldic Colouring Boke Page

Recent cover in 2014:

The Oerthan Royal History and Heraldic Colouring Boke are sold on my Cafepress Site, and updated about every 6 months or so. usually after Coronets.

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If you haven't seen it, this boke showcases the History of Oertha since becoming a Crown Principality in A.S. XVII (1983), showing the Registered Arms of all the Princes and Princesses of Oertha, and then, in Order of Precedence, any Patent, Grant of Arms and Court Barony level awarded individuals who have ever resided or received awards in Oertha - one whole letter-size page each. (Anyone without arms has a blank shield for future addition or suggestions). Branch histories of all Oerthan branches past and present follow.

At the end is an Appendix with simplified lists of all the Royalty of the West and Oertha, Peers by Order (in Order), Branch Histories and some other historical lists. It was 127 pages in 1999, now 259 pages, wire bound for ease of colouring.

Updated often.
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