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Heraldrydiculous by Khevron

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There are no "gouttes de Lait" or 'drops of milk" in heraldry. The white drops would be argent, which can be represented as Silver or White, and as a gout would be called goutte de eau, or drops of Water.

Gouttes are specially named as follows:
Heraldrydiculous by Khevron
goutte d'eau (argent) for silver/water, goutte d'or (Or) for gold, goutte d'huile (vert) for olive oil,
goutte de poix (sable) for tar, goutte de sangue (gules) for blood, goutte de larmes (azure) for tears, goutte de vin (purpure) for wine.

Gouttes strewn on the field would be "Goutty".

There's a poem on the SCA Heralds Laurel Education page to use as a mnemonic:
A Heraldic Primer: Gouttes

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