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Greetings from Khevron, "at Large" Herald!

I thought I'd see if I could inspire folk to design arms in a fashion that would easily lend itself to inclusion in heraldic clothing. Here are some photos:

Heraldic dresses:

One doesn't necessarily have to use the whole of their arms in the layout of the arms.

Elisheva Heraldic Dress Elisheva 's Arms

Use of Colors Gwyneth's Arms
Using colors only

Use of Colors and charges Lilla's Arms
Using colors and charges

Use of Colors
Use of colors, Charges and semy/background charges

impaling spousal arms together
Impaling spousal arms together
Cyrus's Arms Caitriona's Arms

Use of Colors & Charges
From "Heraldic Display" on Pinterest.

Heraldic Fighting Tabards/Surcotes:

Fighting Tabard Mikolaj's Arms
Arms and Badge Quartered

Fighting Tabard Cyrus's Arms Using Whole Arms

Fighting Dress Mari's Arms

Fighting Tabard Khevron's Arms
Using Whole Arms

Fighting Tabard & Shield
Using color and background of Armory

Heraldic Regalia:

The current Royalty (Kingdom, Principality or Barony) of any branch are entitled wear the arms of that branch.
King of Lochac Fighting Tabard Lochac Arms

Their Herald, as Their spokesman, wears the arms of the branch as well, being the voice of the Crown or Coronet.
Herald's Tabard, Oertha Oertha Arms
Herald's Tabard, Oertha

Royalty get to wear other garments to identify themselves and their station.
Baronial Cloak, Winter's Gate Winter's Gate Arms
Baronial Cloak, Winter's Gate

Ceremonial Cloak, Cynagua Ceremonial Cloak, Cynagua cynagua Arms
Ceremonial Cloak, Cynagua

For inspiration, visit heraldry information site links below.

Think 'Simple'. ;-)

In Service of the Dream & Oerthan Heraldic Display!
-Mastyer Khevron

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