The Oertha Armorial

Graf Eric Bearsbane, O.L., O.P.

Sable a lion, tail nowed,
argent and a griffin combattant and in chief a compass star Or
BADGE: Argent, on a bear's paw print sable, a flaming sword proper.

Award of Arms January, AS XVII (1983)
Knight August, A.S. XIX (1984)
Prince of Oertha (with Erlyn)
Landgraf July, A.S. XXI (1986)
Court Baron July, A.S. XXII (1987)
King of the West (with Aricia)
Graf May, A.S. XXVI (1991)
Pelican July, A.S. XXIX (1994)
Laurel June, A.S. XXX (1995)

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