The Oertha Armorial

Count Sir Brendan Shimmeringstar, O.P.

Sable, chape playe argent mullet sable,
a mullet of six points elongated to base Or
BADGE: Argent, mulletty, a chevron sable,
surmounted by a mullet of six points elongated palewise Or.

Award of Arms September, AS XV (1980)
Knight July, A.S. XVI (1981)
Baron of Eskalya (with Aryana) December, A.S. XX (1985)
through December, A.S. XXIV (1989)
Prince of Oertha (with Aryana) January, A.S. XXI (1987)
to July, A.S. XXII (1987)
Viscount July, A.S. XXII (1987)
3 additional reigns as Prince (with Aryana)
Grant of Arms April, A.S. XXII (1988)
Court Baron December, A.S. XXIV (1989) in An Tir
Grant of Arms August, A.S. XXVII (1992)
King of An Tir (with Aryana) January, A.S. XXXII (1998)
to July, A.S. XXXIII (1998)
Count July, A.S. XXXIII

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