The Oertha Armorial

Count Sir Aveloc the Younger

Or, a dexter gauntlet palewise appaumy,
entwined by and grasping the stem of a garden rose sable,
slipped and leaved gules, all between a pair of flaunches sable,
each charged with a cross crosslet fitchy argent

Knight April, A.S. XX (1986)
Prince of Artemisia (with Saaiqa) January to July, XXV
Viscount July, XXV (1990) in Artemisia
Prince of Artemisia (with Laurellen) July to January, XXVI
King of An Tir (with Laurellen) January, XXXIII to July, XXXIV
Count July, XXXIV (1999) An Tir
King of An Tir (with Mahliqa) July, XXXVI to January, XXXVI

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