The Oertha Armorial

Countess Aryana Silknfyre, O.L., O.P.

Per pale and per saltire argent and Or,
a unicorn trippant sable, crined gules
BADGES: Argent, three chevronels braced gules, in chief a compass-star sable
Gules, chape' ploye' argent, a butterfly Or.

Award of Arms September, AS XV (1980)
Laurel May A.S. XVII (1982)
Baroness of Eskalya (with Brendan) December, A.S. XX (1985)
through December, A.S. XXIV (1989)
Princess of Oertha (with Brendan) January, A.S. XXI (1987)
to July, A.S. XXII (1987)
Viscountess July, A.S. XXII (1987)
3 additional reigns as Princess (with Brenden)
Pelican July, A.S. XXII (1987)
Grant of Arms April, A.S. XXII (1988)
Court Baroness December, A.S. XXIV (1989) in An Tir
Grant of Arms August, A.S. XXVII (1992)
Queen of An Tir (with Brendan) January, A.S. XXXII (1998)
to July, A.S. XXXIII (1998)
Countess July, A.S. XXXIII

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